WRT54GS connected to ZyXEL modem - 100M LAN light blinking

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by nerdmeier, May 12, 2008.

  1. nerdmeier

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    I've got a WRT54GS v.1 firmware ver. v2.07.1 connected to a ZyXEL Prestige 642M-11 DSL modem. My ISP is Earthlink via COVAD.

    About a week and a half ago the performance became pretty sketchy - time-outs on web pages and email - then fairly "normal" performance - then back to sketchy. I checked with the COVAD Direct forum on DSLReports.com and they said my circuit checked okay. The COVAD tech recommended I ask for help on the Linksys forum.

    One thing that appears to have changed is that my 100M LAN light on the ZyXEL modem is blinking constantly at about 3 to 4 blinks per second. My recollection is that this light only blinked when there was activity on the LAN. The lights are not blinking on the WRT54GS except to indicate activity and the PWR, SYS, & ADSL light are on steadily on the modem - the ADSL light flashes when there is activity.

    I turned off the wireless feature of the WRT54GS and un-plugged all of the wired devices - then I power-cycled the router and when it came back up the 100M LAN light resumed its rapid flashing. The flashing stops when I unplug the WRT54GS from the modem and resumes immediately when I plug the WRT54GS back in.

    I reset the WRT54GS, power cycled the router and the modem and the flashing continues.

    When I bypass the router and plug one computer directly into the modem the 100M LAN light only flashes to indicate activity.

    I disconnected the telephone line from the modem - the ADSL light goes out but the 100M LAN light continues flashing.

    It seems to me that the WRT54GS is constantly communicating with the modem in a manner that is affecting my internet communications and dragging down my performance.

    I upgraded the WRT54GS firmware to v4.71.4 - light is still blinking on the modem.

    Any ideas?
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