WRT54GS doing 2 weird things

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by alebowgm, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. alebowgm

    alebowgm Network Guru Member


    A newbie here to the form but a techy when it comes to networking, so bare with me. I swapped out my BEFSR41 for a WRT54GS at home, as with the BEFSR41, two of the ports had failed and figuerd it was time for a new router. With the WRT54GS, there are two weird things occuring on my network.

    First, I am unable to port forward port # 1720. It is the only port of all the ports I can not forward and I would like to do so as that is the only port which my ISP does not use packet shaping techniques on (it is their VoIP port).

    Secondly, I find sometimes with the WRT54GS, the internet will kick out and if I manually renew and release the IP address, within 3 seconds the router kicks back in. However, I am having to do this numerous times a day and my ISP says it has nothing to do with their end as they have Dynamic IPs that change once every 3-6 monthes...

    Anyone have any solutions?

  2. alebowgm

    alebowgm Network Guru Member

    I guess I should mention that my Firmware Version : v4.70.6
  3. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    I can't say i've tried doing port forwarding with the linksys official firmware (as my routers aren't at the edge of my network) but I can't see why it wouldn't let you forward that port...
    Does the problem with your DHCP happen right about when your lease is about to expire? (if your using DHCP your router assigns you a lease and i can't remember what the time it assigns it for is)
    Have you tried with a static ip?
    If your really brave install a custom firmware on it an manually do the port forward via iptables that will likely resolve the problem or at the very lease take you closer to the resoloution... and it may help your disconnection problem.
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