WRT54GS downstream to BEFSR41W?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ATCTech, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. ATCTech

    ATCTech Network Guru Member

    According to the WRT54GS manual, it's possible to connect the wireless router downstream to another router. Besides the obvious need for sepearte IPs for the 2 devices for management purposes, can someone give me the details of how to not only share an internet connection (which I have done) but to allow all PCs on either router (including wireless clients) the ability to share across the same workgroup? Does the 54GS need to have a fixed IP on the BEFSR41 to look like a static device downstream, or does it need any or all of the PPOE details of the internet connection?

    I'd like to locate the WRT54GS at the opposite end of the house where it would be more effective for wireless, have a PC plugged into it and use it with wireless clients while still sharing with all PCs on the BEFSR41 at the other end of the house.


  2. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member

    Couple questions to help you out better -

    Where is the internet connection going to be located?
    Is it a BEFSR41 or BEFSR41W? If the W version do you have the wireless card installed and are you planning on using it to connect to the WRT54G?
    Will the BEFSR41 be connected by ethernet cable to the WRT54G?

    If you want to connect like this --

    Internet--> WRT54G <----> BEFSR41<----> wired computers
    ^-- Wireless and Wired clients

    Then, the BEFSR41 will essentially act just like a switch. What you would need to do is assign the BEFSR41 to an IP like and the WRT54G, let the WRT handle all the PPOE stuff, and then turn off the DHCP and gateway functions in the BEFSR41. This will essentially turn it into a 4 port switch.

    Hope this helps!

  3. ATCTech

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    The old BEFSR41 (not "W") would be connected to the DSL modem as it has been for years. I want to locate the WRT54GS about 40+ feet away from the router, connected to (I presume) the UPLINK port of the BEFSR41 via regular CAT-5 cabling. I don't want the WRT54GS to be just a wireless access point for the internet but to provide me with additional hardwire connection points in the second room, including having all PCs exist in the same workgroup no matter which device they're connected to.

    In other words:


  4. Mark_Venture

    Mark_Venture Network Guru Member

    Last year when adding wireless to my already in place wired lan, I purchased a Linksys WRT54G and stacked it to the in place BEFSR41.

    BEFCMU10-----(wan)BEFSR41(lan)---------wired PCs.


    I followed... »How do I setup my BEFW11S4 as an Access Point on a LAN While it talks about using the BEFW11S4, its really generic enough to use as a guide for adding any wireless router as an access point to a current wired lan. Its what I followed[/url]
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