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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jules, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. jules

    jules Network Guru Member

    Finally after a long wait in the UK it is posiable to order a wrt54gs WPC54GS and a WMP54GS.
    However after setting up the router in my home i found that the signal degredation is a lot worse than on a WRT54G V2 that I set up 6 months ago in the same house.

    The WRT54G and the WPC54G card would get no lower than 90% in my house but the WRT54gs and WPC54GS degrade to 7% and ocasionally loose signals when about 15m from the router.

    The only useful info from Linksys support sugested that this could be caused by DECT wirless phones so i disabled these and base stations but this makes no difference. However a tip is if this effects you please try using the higher channels on the router ie 10 and 11 as these are EU and higher.

    The router was supplied with the latest EU which is WRT54GS-EU_2.09.1_ETSI_code.zip

    After looking around this forum and also reading other articles I have changed the firmware to Satori-4-0 V2.07.1.7SV and on the advice of another article increased the signal strength to 42mw. This has increased it to around 60% in areas where there was poor performance of 0-7% before.
    Note the 2.09 firmware is 28mw

    However I will say that on the surface it looks like the WRT 54G is a more stable wireless connection at this time.

    Unfortunatly I am not able to test the Wireless PCI card as my old pci slot does not support it so can not make a comparison at this time on the PC card vs pci card.

    I am thinking that the output signal from a WRT54G and or WPC54G is much stronger but can anyone confirm this fact :?:

    Also can anyone confirm is the WRT54GS is a bad card :?:
  2. atzplzw

    atzplzw Network Guru Member

    I have the same problem with my WRT54GS. It has such a poor signal when I'm 10m away.

    Will try to boost it with Satori. Let's see what happends...

  3. corky

    corky Network Guru Member

    Well i just purchased a WRT54GS yesterday and this had firmware on it, the signal level was realy bad even from 4 feet away, like 5 - 7 % signal level.

    But i did read on an earlier post about this version of firmware having this problem so i downgraded to and the signal went up to 95 - 97%.

    I ended up changing to the hyperwrt 1.3 firmware because i could not get video conferencing and audio to work in msn messenger using
    not sure why but anyway it's nice to have alternative firmwares to try.

    Hope that helps......
  4. atzplzw

    atzplzw Network Guru Member

    I tried that already and for me there is no difference in signal strength for both firmwares.

    At least the last time I tested it. I think I'll do some more tests...

  5. jules

    jules Network Guru Member

    Make sure you increase the signal strength and also try switching channels and using 1 antenna for tx and 1 for rx
  6. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    I don't think DECT phones occupy 2.4GHz bands - the 2 sets I have use 1.8GHz. If I remember correctly, DECT is based on GSM technologies.
  7. frogger3d

    frogger3d Network Guru Member

    I thought gsm also worked on the 2.4ghz band..
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