WRT54GS firwmare (linksys) on WRT54GL?

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by mattucf, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. mattucf

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    I am sorry if this was already posted..but I have spent some time reading the FAQ both here and at the Linksys forum at dslreports. Is it possible to load the linksys (non 3rd part) WRT54GS firemware onto a WRT54GL. I just bought a WRT54GL and put DD-WRT on it (which works great)..but was just wondering for curiousity reasons if you could take Linksys's 54gs software and put it on a G (or in this case GL) thus getting the GS software without the extra cost (or 3rd party firmware). Are they smarter enough to not allow that?
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    You wouldn't want to put non-wrt54gl on the router if it was from Linksys. It is very possible that they could have code in it specific to the GS and may cause unforseen problems. On the flip side, if you are using dd-wrt or other firmware, they are usually developed to be more interoperable between hardware versions. There are reports that indicate the GL is nothing more than a Gv4 (I think) so maybe you could. Its your risk.
  3. jchuit

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    I think you can flash it, but there are some problems:

    1: model wrt54g v2.2 to wrt54g v3.1 MUST run on 216 Mhz, this isn't in the wrt54gs firmware.
    2: the firmware pattern differs, which means third party firmware is needed for flashing.
    3. The cfe differs for speedbooster
    4. Default factory settings are different, speedbooster related too.
    5. Ram size differs, thus the Linux NAT table is smaller, 128 buckets and not 256 buckets.

    In short, you will not gain anything,

    Tarifa firmware
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