WRT54GS has become a G model - or so it seems

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by pfhnyc, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. pfhnyc

    pfhnyc Network Guru Member

    Hi. I'm not sure exactly how this happened.
    I have a wrt54GS v1.0. Although I've had worse problems this piece of hardware is a little frustrating and now it thinks it's a G model.

    The loose train of events is: Since I have been having problems with the wireless connection on the router drop out, and doing hard resets 2-3 times to get it back was a bit tedious, I decided to try some of the other firmwares to see if they would help.

    I upgraded to the 4.50 linksys beta firmware. It was better but not perfect. And I tried the hyperwrt firmware and the latest european version. Then I started having a lot more drop outs and decided to go back to the 4.50 linksys beta firmware...BUT:

    When I tried I would get an upgrade failed error. I tried several different firmwares, downloaded them again, and still the same thing. I used tftp utility and the same thing. Finally I download a G version of the hyperwrt of it's latest firmware and that worked without a problem. (Yes I have a GS and yes all the other successful upgrades were with GS versions)

    The router is working. I'll see about drops outs but has anyone had this happen???


    Suddenly I have G model - of so it thinks
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