WRT54GS - MSN IM won't work with Parental Controls enabled

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by hbrar, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. hbrar

    hbrar Network Guru Member

    I have the WRT54GS and am using the Parental Controls feature. However, my MSN instant messenger won't login. I have a few machines within my network and can't login from any of them. Oddly enough, my other family members can login with their accounts from any of the machines. My account only works when I turn off the PC feature. I checked my account rights and I'm set up as the "Family Manager". Anyone else experience this and have any suggestions?
  2. RSL_Fan

    RSL_Fan Network Guru Member

    Same here!

    Which version of MSN Messenger are you using??? I was using version 7.0 and was unable to connect to the service if the parental controls were enabled. I tried everything I could think of, port forwarding etc, and I spent over an hour, and with 3 different technical support people from Linksys, and still could not figure it out. I uninstalled version 7.0 and found version 6.2 and installed that (the previous version). Lo and behold, I was able to log-in to the service with the parental controls enabled. I then installed version 7.0 again, and BAM! Not able to log-in again. My conclusion, it doesn't support version 7.0 yet. My solution, revert back to version 6.2 and use that until a new firmware upgrade and then try 7.0 again and hope it works. I didn't have any trouble with Yahoo! Messenger...their most current version works. Anyway, I hope there is someone out there who knows of a solution to this problem...Linksys sure doesn't. Oh well...I can work around it for the time being. Good Luck!
  3. RSL_Fan

    RSL_Fan Network Guru Member


    I've been using version 6.2 the last couple days with the Linksys Parental Controls ENABLED and I have noticed that my contacts sometimes can't see me online, even when I am logged in. But, I can see them. Communication works, but I didn't have this problem when the parental controls were disabled. I will have to try port triggering and see if that helps. Just another observation. I will post my results.
  4. RSL_Fan

    RSL_Fan Network Guru Member

    Figured it out.

    With MSN messenger 6.2 I noticed that sometimes my contacts could not see me online and I couldn't see them online. A little trick to this. Make sure you sign in to Parental Controls BEFORE you log in to MSN messenger. If you notice the little pop-up message from Parental Controls when you log in automatically that will prompt you to sign in to Parental Controls. It will appear you are logged in to MSN. If you go ahead and log-in to Parental Controls then you won't be able to see your contacts or vice-versa. Do This: Sign in to Parental Controls, Sign-out of MSN, and then sign back in and all is good.
  5. ldw_58

    ldw_58 Guest

    Anybody have a similar experience with Yahoo Messenger 6.0?

    I've also got a WRT54GS and when I enable parental controls the application seems to cycle over and over again attempting to sign in.

    If I disable then everything works fine.

    I'm running Windows XP Pro.

    Does anybody else have a similar experience?
  6. hbrar

    hbrar Network Guru Member

    Still Working on it

    I've had the same issues with both MSN 7.0 and 6.2. I've been working with Linksys support to come up with a resolution and they've apparently escalated the issue to the product development team. Linksys confirmed that they do have problems with 7.0 with the PC enabled. However, they also indicated that 6.2 should work. Since they could not come up with a fix, I also contacted Netopia (they are the back end for the Linksys Parental Controls) and the tech I emailed with indicated that they've seen others with this same issue using Linksys routers and PC but referred me back to Linksys support to find a resolution. I'll post a follow up if Linksys is able to get this to work.
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