WRT54GS- New Serial Number? CGN7?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by oreomankelly, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. oreomankelly

    oreomankelly Guest

    I have been interested in the WRT54GS for a while and decided to go to Best Buy this evening and purchase one with my gift card. But, when I was examining serial numbers, I came upon a serial number that I have not seen before (Please forgive me if this has already been mentioned in the forums). The serial number that I discovered was CGN70EB01277... Have they upgraded the GS now?

    BTW, I did not purchase this evening due to my curious nature.

  2. dcronshaw

    dcronshaw Network Guru Member

    WRT54GS Serial CGN7

    I called 3 Circuit City's and they all had CGN7's also. Anyone know the memory specs on these and if you can upgrade the firmware?
  3. sgrundy

    sgrundy Network Guru Member

    Well with the GS v4.0[CGN6xxx] the ram and flash were cut in half (16/4) so I wouldn't think any later revisions would bump them back up to 32/8. I just a bought a v4.0 yesterday since my v1.1 died.
  4. Chuck_IV

    Chuck_IV Network Guru Member

    One of you guys who saw the CGN7 should buy one and run a quick mem cat on it to see what it has. You can always return it, if you don't want it.
  5. gaster

    gaster Network Guru Member

    Anyone else hear more about these yet?

    My guess would be that they switched over to vxworks now for the GS after the initial bugs have been worked out with the G version, but it's just a guess at this point.
  6. mazilo

    mazilo Network Guru Member

    With such a trend, there is a possibility the CGN7 unit will have a 4/8 MB flash/RAM.
  7. sgrundy

    sgrundy Network Guru Member

    Which would guarantee that I'd never buy another one. I hope Linksys is saving $$ on these "changes" because they are killing the WRT54G/GS.
  8. gotamd

    gotamd Network Guru Member

    Yeah, it sucks that they're making it harder to run 3rd party firmware on their routers. That's a large part of why they got so popular in the first place, but I guess everyone knows what they say about biting the hand that feeds you.

    In any case, there's still eBay. That's where I got my recent GS v2 :)
  9. dcronshaw

    dcronshaw Network Guru Member

    Used Ver 3 was sold on ebay for $157.50

    I was watching a USED WRT54GS Ver 3.0 on eBay this past week. It sold for $157.50 plus $10 s/h. I don't need a ver 3 that bad. I bought a ver 4 from Best Buy. They had $30 in rebates that ended Sat.

  10. sunten1

    sunten1 Guest

    So nobody else knows anything about these routers, cuz as of late this is all I have been seeing
  11. regnim

    regnim Network Guru Member

    Purchased a WRT54GS with a serial of CGN70xxx. Could not load any 3rd party firmware on it. Turned it over and it is marked v5. Must be VxWorks. Back it goes.
  12. professordave

    professordave Network Guru Member

    Are you sure about a v5 gs?


    On the linksys firmware download area I only see the latest as V4 1.05

  13. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    regnim -

    Before you take the router back, can you gather every bit of information you can on it?

    Do the standard and pages work? Can you cut and paste what you can get from them?

    What is the firmware version that reads on the main screen?

    The more information available on these units, the better!
  14. _Jeff_

    _Jeff_ Network Guru Member

    As far as versions being listed on their firmware download at Linksys. The support guy said that a version only shows up if it is newer than the version which is shipping on the router. For example, both of my recently purchased WRT54GS v3's had the 4.70.6 loaded on them. And version 3 was not listed on their download site. There are probably a couple more v3's still on the shelf at the ABC Warehouse in Brighton, MI. The price I paid was $89.00 with no rebates.

  15. regnim

    regnim Network Guru Member

    Firmware version is 1.50.3. The router does not respond to SysInfo.htm or SysInfo1.htm.
  16. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Is this dumbing-down of Linksys WRT series:

    1) just Linksys stupidity? Blunder into good product, pull out gun, aim at foot......
    2) Fallout from the Cisco takeover?
    3) Other?

    Good lord, every other piece of electronic equipment I have seems to add more features with each generation. WRT's seem instead to be devolving. At the very least you would think the march of technology would let them make a cheaper and more compact single-chip solution with the same 8-meg flash/32-meg RAM specs as the GS had some years ago.
  17. professordave

    professordave Network Guru Member

    Dumbing down and sysinfo


    For the sysinfo page you need to login first. I had the same problem on an older GS.

    As far as dumbing down. We would actually have to see the sales figures.

    For example, we all complain about airline food and small seats on airplanes, but are we really willing to pay extra for those convieniences?
  18. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    1.50.3 is an odd firmware number for Linksys to choose.

    The latest official release for the GS is 1.50.2. 1.50.3 would indicate a very minor change, possibly to accommodate a slight hardware change or something. If they went to VXWORKS, you'd expect a brand new firmware number like 1.00.01 or something.

    Hard to say, though. If you still have it, log into the router, then try the SysInfo pages again. If not, well, time will tell. Just trying to extract all the information possible from someone who has the router in hand, without risking your ability to return it of course (ie. it would be great if you could open it and take pictures of the innards, but the store might not like you). ;)
  19. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    Re: Dumbing down and sysinfo

    Good point. As long as Linksys keeps the GL series alive, I'll know what to recommend to anyone who is willing to pay the extra for it. ;)
  20. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Assuming you can find a GL when you need it.

    I looked at Amazon, and they don't sell the GL themselves, they have links to 2 places I never heard of who sell it.

    Not exactly like the old GS where I could find it on any retail shelf on short notice if a unit burned out.
  21. professordave

    professordave Network Guru Member

    Why does the GL matter?


    Why does the GL matter? Because it is $2.00 cheaper than the GS?

    This is my point about people complaining about loss of features but unwilling to pay.

  22. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    I am perfectly willing to pay $70-$100 for a device with plenty of flash, RAM, and Linux. Used to be I could buy a GS easily within this price range to do everything I could want. Now I cannot.

    You think hardware get more expensive? No it gets cheaper. Later GSv4 units hardly even filled half the board due to better integration. What did flash memory cost you 3 years, what does it cost you now? You think Linksys doesn't find it cheaper to buy the bulk boards of each new WRT54G generation? It was my understanding they buy these boards from companies in other countries, throw Linksys box around them. You getting my point?

    Is this fault of consumers not wanting to pay for hardware? No this is greed/stupidity on part of Linksys. Cheaper unit, more quick profits. Or maybe new Cisco executive who has cousin selling VxWorks, kickbacks, etc.

    At least they could have had the cajones to name it new product, like WRT54G+ or something. Then people who read my previous recommendations of G and GS wouldn't come back to blame me when new v5 junk crashes all the time, firmware doesn't work, etc.

    If like airlines, item actually got less expensive each year due to cost savings of decreased service I could see some validity to your argument. If I were paying $1,000 20 years ago for comfy service and lobster for lunch, and still paying $1,000 now for coach and a pack of crackers, your analogy would make sense. Now I can get first class for $600-$800, or I can go coach at $200, my choice. However, this item is about same prices as 3 years ago, so that makes no sense at all. This is electronics, where manufacture gets cheaper each year, not like airlines where fuel, planes, and other fixed items, costs more each year.
  23. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    OK, before the panic sets in and the gnashing of teeth begins...

    Does anyone have positive confirmation that the WRT54GS V5's are, in fact, dumbed down?

    So far, I've seen one bit of information - a new firmware version number, that is a single-dot release number. And one guy who could not load firmware on it, which may or may not be a VXWORKS issue (it could just be that they changed the hardware and will be releasing GPL firmware that supports it soon).

    The rest is all speculation based on the term "V5", which is understandably a sore issue amongst the Linksys WRT54G-series fan base. ;)

    Yes, it is VERY possible, probably even likely, that the GS V5 is VXWORKS, I'm not denying that. But so far, it's unproven.

    So, who has one of these, and can confirm, for certain, whether they are VXWORKS based?
  24. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    I will see if I can find time tonight after work, to go look at Fry's and see if they have CGN7. If no one else has confirmed by then, I will purchase one and check it out myself. My digital camera is broken though so no pics.

    I sent email to linksys-opensource@linksys.com also, waiting for answer.
  25. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member


    Stick a fork in it.

    Sent the following email to linksys-opensource@linksys.com

    So is this true:
    Latest WRT54GS v5, serial number CGN7.... runs VxWorks?

    Got following reply:
    From: "Chris Chapman (chchapma)" <chchapma@cisco.com>

    Yes this is true.

  26. dicion

    dicion Network Guru Member



    And btw, If chappy says it (Chris Chapman), it's true. I know him semi-personally, and he knows what he's talking about, being a Product manager for linksys and all. So this definately isnt a tech-support-guy-doesnt-know thing.

    That really sucks.
  27. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member


    I just finished a LiveChat with a Linksys rep (Jeffrie V 19369).


    1. THE WRT54GS V5 is VXWORKS.

    Transcript follows:

    Jeffrie V(19369): Hi, my name is Jeffrie V(19369). How may I help you?
    Nathan: Hi, Jeffrie. I am considering the purchase of a WRT54GS V5 and I would like to know a little information about the unit.
    Nathan: I want to buy it to load aftermarket firmware, specifically. Do you know if the new V5 units are still based in Linux, or did Linksys move these to the VXWORKS operating system like the WRT54G V5 units?
    Jeffrie V(19369): They are also VXWORKS based.
    Nathan: Oh, my. So other than the WRT54GL, Linksys is no longer producing Linux based units?
    Nathan: Do you know if the WRT54GL will continue production?
    Jeffrie V(19369): The earlier versions of the wrt54g are Linux based.
    Jeffrie V(19369): Yes it will.
    Nathan: OK, so the GL will still be available, at least. That's good news at least. There's a pretty significant community of people like me who use the WRT54G Linux capabilities to extend the units capabilities.
    Nathan: Thank you for the information. You have a great day.
  28. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Forgive my skepticism here. Production cycles run in batches. The stuff you buy now, was probably produced in a big lot about a year ago. Time it takes to move things through assembly, packaging, distribution, etc. With electronics it's not like cars where new Camry coming off the line every day.

    Time will tell. But my guess is the GL will last until they are out of old product to repackage, or until next Cisco board meeting where some suit says "how can we squeeze that 130% profit a little more and make it 131%?"
  29. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    Forgiven, and agreed. :)

    However, given that these boards are probably used in a variety of applications, Linksys probably just scaled back WRT54GL/GV4/GSV4 production to another facility somewhere so they could focus on the VXWORKS units.

    I don't know for sure - I talked to a "grunt in front" level one rep who probably gets just a little more information than I do. For all I know, Linksys made an extra 100,000 "GL" units and warehoused 'em and are releasing them slowly.

    But, whatever, ya know? If Linksys chooses to drop the Linux version, then they'll just lose their Linux customer base, and people like you and me won't be on other boards like a current Vonage board I participate on recommending these units.

    We'll baby our current units, maybe buy one, flash it, and keep it as a spare, and when we run out of Linksys units we'll go M0n0wall, Smoothwall, or some enterprising manufacturer will build a clone that can take some of this firmware and life will go on without the blue boxes.[/quote][/code]
  30. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Got ya there NateHoy, just gazing into my own personal crystal ball......

    A *2nd* :cry: day for a Linksys WRT fan though!

    Speaking of babying old units, I've started putting RAM-sinks onto the hot chips on my units. I figure keeping them a little closer to ambient will extend the life a bit.
  31. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    Yup. I just got my email from Linksys to submit my feedback. Basically, my comments to them (worded politely) were that they screwed their rabid fanbase over when they castrated the WRT54G and didn't tell anyone, then they did the same with the GS when they cut its memory, and now they're doing it all over again, without notice, for the GS V5.

    Bascially, at this point, I don't know what to recommend to people. I've probably sold at least 10-12 routers for Linksys this month, based on problems people have with their Vonage VoIP lines and the nonfunctional QoS in the Linksys Vonage routers. But now the only one I can recommend is only available through obscure mail order companies, and its future is uncertain.

    Sad day indeed. I'm putting on some Nick Drake, it seems appropriate.
  32. SteelersFANinMA

    SteelersFANinMA Network Guru Member

    If you used the links provided, that may be the reason SysInfo didn't respond. Try it again with http.... instead of https... I couldn't check my GS v3 with those links either, but got my login screen when I omitted the, "s."
  33. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    SteelersFAN -

    Yup, your're right. It depends on how you access your router. I have mine set up for "https only" for secure login, so of course I have to use https and in my laziness I just cut-and-pasted.

    But, it's all irrelevant now. Linksys has confirmed that the "GS" is now VXWORKS and not Linux. So CGN7 GS units join CDFB G units in the VXWORKS debacle, and Linux is only guaranteed to be in the hard-to-get WRT45GL line.
  34. professordave

    professordave Network Guru Member

    EOL Support

    The other thing that sucks about this is that if they continued selling Linux routers, than hopefully they would continue to come up with bug fixes and new functionality for older routers.

    Now that new routers are VxWorks they are probably going to end support for the older routers.

    I literally just purchased a GS.

  35. urosbe

    urosbe Network Guru Member


    I am also an owner of two WRT54GS. One is previos versions (1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 - I am not sure), but new one is 5.0. There is no such a difference except Easy setup button in the front. I have DD-WRT 0.23 firmware on both of it, so I am not sure what is such a problem if V5 in VxWorks? What is VxWorks anyway?

    If you don't have HTTPS enabled, the urls you posted cannot be found. Here are correct urls for everyone:

    I got this from WRT54GS V5 with "DD-WRT .23 FINAL" version:

    Firmware Version:DD-WRT v23 (12/25/05) , Dec 25 2005
    Boot Version:v3.6
    RF Status:enabled
    RF Firmware Version:DD-WRT v23 (12/25/05)
    RF Domain:Worldwide (channel 1~11)
    RF Channel:11
    RF SSID:linksys

    -----Dynamic Information
    RF Mac Address:00:14:BF:A5:43:52
    LAN Mac Address:00:14:BF:A5:43:50
    WAN Mac Address:00:14:BF:A5:43:51
    Hardware Version:2.0
    Device Serial No.:

    language=english; Flash Type=; Write Mac Address=00:14:BF:A5:43:50; get wl_gmode=6; wl_gmode=54g Mode is 54g Auto (1) ; get wl_afterburner=auto; wl afterburner=1 wl afterburner_override=-1 totalram=14348288, freeram=5386240, bufferram=1298432; uptime=169844; eou_configured=1; get_eou_index=; get_sn_index=; get_sn=; get_mac_index=; get_mac=;

    Best regards!

  36. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Any chance you could do a bit more of an autopsy? Perhaps photos?

    It was my understanding from Gv5 that the bootloader was changed, so no more boot_wait function. Very important in case you have a bad flash, instead of being able to "unbrick" using known procedures, you had to ship it back.

    Even if GSv5 still has the flash and RAM to do the alternate firmwares, our risk factor will increase a lot if it's using the new bootloader. Important to know.

    VxWorks is an RTOS (Real-Time OS) that is used in some Cisco AP's instead of IOS product. It's an alternative item that is not evil in itself, but obviously rushed out the door without much QA in this implementation. VxWorks is also closed-source, so no user-mods of it or extra features like with Linux code-base.
  37. urosbe

    urosbe Network Guru Member

    Sorry, my mistake. It is WRT54GS v4 version. And I also have one still in a package box, I've just open and it is also v4 version (the one on a pictures is a about 1 month old, the one from package is 5 days), but I also have a year or year and a half old one which is definitly previos version, because it doesn't have "Easy Setup" button on the front. But it is at my uncle's place, so I can't check it now.

    Here are the pictures of the one I have copy/pasted the informations from my previous post:

    Pictures of my WRT54GS v4 (1 month old):

    picture 1

    picture 2

    picture 3

    Pictures of the package (box) are from the new one (I bought it 5 days ago), which was not opened for now... ready for new customer... that's why the serial number is not the same as on the pictures of the unit:)
    picture 4

    picture 5

    picture 6

    Hope this helps...


  38. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Thanks but those photos not needed after all. So, we still do not know what GSv5 situation is.

    Perhaps someone else could converse with Linksys sources and get some answers about new hardware specs, and bootloader? I hate to bug the opensource guy again, seemed nice enough but not involved with the GSv5 I imagine.
  39. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    Hey, he made a mistake but at least he went to the effort of taking pics as requested. :)

    So, the GSv5 remains a mystery. I doubt it will ever allow a firmware upgrade, but who knows? Maybe it's got 16MB / 4MB can can still be useful. Doubt it, because why would Linksys keep the more expensive hardware AND pay licensing fees to VxWorks???
  40. urosbe

    urosbe Network Guru Member

    Ok sorry, I changed my previous post to urls to the pictures....

    I am not sure what kind of pictures you are expecting? If interior, sorry - no go, there is a warranty (3 years).

    Probably our distributors here in my country (Europe) doesn't have V5 yet (only V4 for now). What about WRT54GL? I can get it too, about -15% price comparing to GS model, but is the same problem with GL too?

    Best regards!

  41. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    urosbe -

    No, what we would be looking for is detailed information and pictures of the WRT54GS V5, and if possible that would include pictures of the inside. But thank you very much for taking those pictures and going to the effort all the same.

    The GL is a known quantity. It is a WRT54G V4, with a new model number.

    Appreciate the attempt, at least. Thanks.
  42. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    My main worry with getting invested in the GL, is that Linksys might *without* announcement, pull that rug out from under me too. Did we even get any official press release about previous product changes?

    No, we the users had to find out the hard way by buying new product and discovering, hey it won't let me load my alternate firmware! And wow the factory firmware for this version doesn't work nearly as well as previous versions.

    See I expect if I bought more GL's to expand the community WiFi, one day I would be zapped by lightning and need to replace units. Can I go to Best Buy and grab a couple of GL's? Probably not.

    Perhaps someone knows how to search FCC site? I know previous products people would find photos and data on there.
  43. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    James Depew update main page

    There is an update on main page of linksysinfo. Looks like James got info from his contacts, confirming 2M of flash. So no Linux I think.
  44. influx

    influx Network Guru Member

    i just picked up a WRT54GS the other day from best buy..it says it's version 5.0. the firmware is 1.50.3 dated 12/12/05. anyone know what's up with this version? it has been running perfectly since the day i got it... my v2.1's ethernet ports died.
  45. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

  46. influx

    influx Network Guru Member

    ^^^ yes the serial starts with CGN7.

    the following is what is displayed in sysinfo.htm (sysinfo1.htm was blank.)

    Firmware Version:v1.50.3 , Dec 12 2005
    Boot Version:1.01.2

    11g RF Status:enabled(HW)
    11g RF Firmware Version:
    11g RF Domain:US(channel 1~11)
    11g RF Channel:6
    11g RF SSID:benivegna

    ----- Dynamic Information

    11g RF Mac Address:00:14:BF:D1:EF:77
    LAN Mac Address:00:14:BF:D1:EF:75
    WAN Mac Address:00:14:BF:D1:EF:76
    Hardware version:1.0
    Device Serial No.:CGN70EB00146
  47. crono33

    crono33 Network Guru Member

    a friend bought a wrt54gsv4 but it cant be flashed. it has the security button on the front panel. i have seen the same button on the wrt54gv5 but not sure it means anything

    this the router data

    Firmware Version:v1.05.3 , Sep 22 2005
    Boot Version:v3.6.4

    RF Status:enabled
    RF Firmware Version:v1.05.3
    RF Domain:ETSI (channel 1~13)
    RF Channel:11
    RF SSID:linksys

    -----Dynamic Information
    RF Mac Address:00:14:BF:A5:B3:E1
    LAN Mac Address:00:14:BF:A5:B3:DF
    WAN Mac Address:00:14:BF:A5:B3:E0
    Hardware Version:2.0
    Device Serial No.:

    Flash Type=Intel 28F320C3 2Mx16 BotB;
    CPU Clock=200;
    Write Mac Address=00:14:BF:A5:B3:DF;

    get wl_gmode=6;
    wl_gmode=54g Mode is 54g Auto (1)
    get wl_afterburner=auto;
    wl afterburner=0

    wl afterburner_override=-1

    totalram=14815232, freeram=4587520, bufferram=1474560;

    Total IEs = 0


  48. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    What firmware did your friend try? Not all firmware will load onto the v4 units. Example in the DD-WRT versions, only v23 will load, and you must use the "mini" version on first flash.
  49. crono33

    crono33 Network Guru Member

    sveasoft talisman 1.1 and 1.11

    it says they will work on v4 but flashing fails at the end


  50. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    I would check with sveasoft about that then, it's a commercial firmware so I wouldn't have access to that firmware to check anything. Otherwise try DD-WRT v23 "mini" firmware and see if takes that. Should work fine. Doubt your friends problem has anything to do with this thread.
  51. crono33

    crono33 Network Guru Member

    i just had a suspect that it was a stray v4 router with vxworks OS


  52. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    It never occurred to me that it might be possible to flash v5 firmware onto a v4 router. My gut says no due to bootloader issues, but someone more knowledgable than me would have to comment.
  53. Drew2k

    Drew2k Guest

    Hey'a, First post here so please excuse if been addressed before.
    I've been reading this thread, and noticed people saying their buying the WRT54G or GS, and some are getting V5 and others are getting V4.

    I purchased a 54GS and receaved a 54G from Comet in the UK, noticing the error, i am returning it to get the 54GS with speedbooster.

    The WRT54G i receaved was V5 so im assuming the GS will also be V5, however on the linksys downloads page for UK. The product listed for 54G are V1, 2, 3 etc through to V5. However, the downloads for the 54GS is only V1.0.

    Does this mean its country dependant. E.g, V5 is not availible in the UK yet, as if i change the selection to **Sorry, cant remember the country** but the V5 was listed in the downloads????
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