wrt54gs newbie?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by inc188, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. inc188

    inc188 LI Guru Member

    hey all

    just found about this site thru Thibor's website and from utorrents... this is awesome.. i didnt know such a site existed....

    looking around here confused the hell out of me... i have linksys wrt54gs with speed booster and i was having some trouble with utorrents and etc... i was able to upgrade the firmware to Hyperwrt_GSv4_Thibor15c.bin and now there are all these other firmwares as well??

    what is the big difference between all these firmwares?? i want to optimize my router to the best it can offer and not sure where to start?

    thank a lot,
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Well keep reading, you should update thibor to the latest and his is just an extension to linksys stock. Tomato is quite different but easy to use, dd-wrt will probably confuse the hell out of you. But all in all, the best to do is figure out what you want, find the best firmware for those needs and go with it. Until that time just keep reading and learning.
  3. inc188

    inc188 LI Guru Member


    i dont mind reading... but should a person like me start? tomato?
  4. frenchy2k1

    frenchy2k1 LI Guru Member

    You already downloaded the latest Thibor firmware for your version.
    Thibor adds some capabilities to the WRT54GS, but mostly keeps the linksys interface.

    Tomato completely changed the interface and added different capabilities (logging, QoS...).

    DDWRT is another firmware with another set of interface and capabilities.

    If you just want to get a stable router, thibor is probably best. It's very stable and provides good options for p2p , increased transmit power, added QoS...
    Know that there is little risk in testing different firmware. But this is a case of vast possibilities. You can read about most of those firmware on their respective sites and see which one is right for you.
  5. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Tomato is also a nice firmware but looks alot different as stated. If you can move comfortably around thibor you will have no problem with tomato. I have run them both and have had no problems with either. If your up to trying it go for it, you can always change back.
  6. Macskeeball

    Macskeeball LI Guru Member

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