WRT54GS non official firmware -> wrong code pattern

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by zelloss, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. zelloss

    zelloss Network Guru Member


    i bought a week ago, a WRT54GS and wanted to upload a non official firmware.

    when a try to do this from a 3.17.4 official firmware, i get "wrong code pattern" message.

    in my opinion:

    WRT54G firmware, all begin with ('W54G')
    3.17.4 begins with ('W54S')

    by the way i found no special code in tftp.c file in the source code tarball, and there is only* a stripped version of that binary in mipsel.../usr/sbin/

    can someone confirm that
    - tftpd daemon is stripped and had never been recompiled or modified in any unofficial version.
    - WRT54GS is so new that no one has really attempted to upload an unofficial firmware and discover wrong code pattern problem although it is hardware compatible.
    - my english is not too bad :wink:

    *: 'comme par hasard'
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    try downgrading to a lower version of official firmware first. 2.07.1
  3. zelloss

    zelloss Network Guru Member

    downgrading to 2.07.2

    well, i have just downgrading my router to 2.07.2 and it's the same.

    i think that all wrt54gs official firmware have the same tftd, so this is not surprising.

    however someone on this post tells it is possible to upload something else:


    it's seems that this alchemy firmware from sveasoft has already replaced the original tftpd daemon by a modified one which accepts upload off wrt54G and wrt54GS firmaware (5WG4 and 5WS4 beginning files).

    original tftpd md5sum: 1742572edb1afc6c82dd9c4fc457db09
    alchemy tftpd md5sum: ???
  4. zelloss

    zelloss Network Guru Member

    WRT54GS -> satori 4.0G

    i just have made this test:

    - took Firmware_Satori-4.0G.zip and modified 'W54G' by 'W54S'.
    - uploaded it with tftp client.

    upload was successful no 'wrong code pattern" anymore.
    reboot seems to be ok, internet is ok. :D

    now there is more tests to do, to check is every thing is ok.

    my skills are oriented hacking, and not really network but i will try to do my best in case someone wants to do the same,

  5. zelloss

    zelloss Network Guru Member

    everything is ok


    at this time, everything is ok.
    i have configured my wrt54GS as follows:
    -DHCP server with 2 fixed leases,
    -Local DNS activated,
    -ntp activated
    -Emule ports can go through the firewall,
    -WLAN is ok (one w2k station), G mode only, power at 0,
    -no ssid broadcast, wep 128 bits, mac filter

    things i haven't do
    -ssh server, vpn, syslogd or cron.

    i think that this firmware (satori 4.0) is fully functionnal for a WRT54GS.

    by the way, as there is few differences beetwen the WRT54G and the WRT54GS it is no surprise that firmwares are in general compatibles.

    if someone has the sources of the tftpd daemon, the code checking the four first bytes of the file uploaded must be modified to accept W54(G|S) pattern, but only if the host is a WRT54GS. that said changing manually the fourth byte is not very difficult :)
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    so your back to GS firmware now?
  7. zelloss

    zelloss Network Guru Member

    everything is fine

    by now, i have no problem with satori 4.0..

    my concern with this firmware is how to save the current configuration with the web interface ? i don't see the 'config backup and restore' as it where with official firmware.

    that said i recommend it, but people have to make their own idea on this.
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