WRT54GS, NTL Cable and iMac G5

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by gunny_bedford, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. gunny_bedford

    gunny_bedford LI Guru Member

    Hi, great to see a forum that supports my new purchase ! :clap:
    I am hoping that there will be many gurus floating around that can help me !
    So here is my first dumb question(s)
    I have a UK NTL broadband cable internet connection via my Tv set top box. I have just purchased the about router, thinking that this is what i need to get a wireless connection, i would like to connect wirelessly to my G5 iMac (with built in airport connection), i will also be getting a Dell laptop with centrino chip in the next few days, i would also like that to be wirelessly connected as well.
    I tried out the router today and could not get it to work wirelessly to my mac upstairs, i figured this is because i did not connect the router to a PC to configure it (still waiting for the Dell !!) however i wanted to see if i could get it going without having to connect it to a computer first to configure it. I am assuming that when i get the Dell laptop, i can reconnect everything plug in the Dell configure the router via the browser and it should work, however because i am trying to connect to a Mac, i wonder if anything else needs to be done ??
    So if there is anyone out there that uses this router with NTL cable as their ISP and connects wirelessly to a iMac can you let me know how you did it, and what should i do to get things working ??


    Neil Bedford
  2. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    Should work fine, surpirised it doesn't work 'out of the box' with a mac - but why not connect first with an Ethenet cable?

    There is one quirk with NTL STB's each new device (up to 5?) has to be registered to get internet access, after connecting the new device you power cycle the STB and point your web browser to "start.ntl" where you have to enter your username/password. Alternatively you can ''clone' the MAC address of an already registered device onto the router (via its setup pages).

    For a setup guide for NTL, not mac orientated but does assume a linksys router see


    for example.
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    one thing i would do first is setup the WRT with an etnernet cable. using wireless to access the WRT can be annoying to say the least.

    anyway welcome to the site and check out www.chetnet.co.uk as well. its a very good place for NTL users to frequent.
  4. gunny_bedford

    gunny_bedford LI Guru Member

    OK i have got the router working with my NTL connection, i can surf the web and go to router set up page OK when my iMac is connected to the router via ethernet. HOWEVER i cannot get the wireless set up at all !! i am trying to connect the router wirelessly with the iMacs built in airport card with no joy !!, i dont admit to being an expert when it comes to Mac OSX wireless connection, but i thought airport would pick up the router automatically via its SSID broadcast and i could go from there, but i seem to be unable to even detect the router broadcasting its signal,(it nearby acutally right under the desk where the mac is sat, so there is no range/blocking problems) any mac gurus out there can figure out where i am going wrong.... ??? its doing my head in !!!!! :(
  5. gunny_bedford

    gunny_bedford LI Guru Member

    Ok i have managed to connect wirelessly :cheering: however the signal is crap :thumbdown: !! even with the router sat on my lap about 2 feet away from the iMac i am not getting a full signal reading on my airport icon (only 3 bars max is 4) also the connection seems to drop out quite often and then come back on again, it does not work at all when i put the router downstairs by my NTL STB (which is where i want it to go !) why is the range so bad ?? it would seem only a few feet !! at present i am using channel 11, i have a widget that is supposed to detect networks, it is only showing mine, so i guess i am not getting any interference from any other network, can anyone advice ???


  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

  7. gunny_bedford

    gunny_bedford LI Guru Member

    Its working :thumbup: , changed to channel 13 and the signal booms in (well not quite) 3 bars on the airport icon. Router is now downstairs in living room by STB and i am rxing the signal upstairs on my mac, does not drop out either. I guess it must have been interference, i have a video sender plugged into the STB to beam the tv upstairs, perhaps that was blocking the signal when on the other channels ?

    Thanks for all your help and advice :thumb:

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