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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by buggs1a, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. buggs1a

    buggs1a Network Guru Member

    I heard about this site and that you could have a custom firmware for the WRT54GS. well my main reason for looking for a new router right now is my Belkin has a problem that Belkin has no fix for, so i need a new router with parental controls. To filter web sites etc. Not url filtering like other brands do that make you enter in all of the urls by hand, but actual categories to check and block etc like the WRT54GS has. So, i know this router doesn't do all of the features i want and someone told me it can with the right firmware. so i would like to know how to do all of this and if it is even possible. and to custom firmware, that would void the warranty and stuff right? is there anyway to back up the firmware on the router before putting the custom on it? incase of warranty support needed etc?

    the features i want are really good parental control features. i want this.

    keyword blocking
    parental control filtering web sites with categories i can check like the parental control from netopia that this router comes with.
    usenet newsgroup nntp filtering to block out newsgroups that are adult related. so i would want it to filter newsgroups on port 119 and other ports so that keywords would be blocked. so if i add a keyword say computer then any newsgroup with the name computer in it like say comp.computer.play would be blocked. or say mp3 and say alt.binaries.sounds.mp3 would be blocked.
    i would like bandwidth information. like how much a user uploaded and downloaded on the internet to show me like say for the wan port internet connection we have downloaded 50gb this month or whatever. i would also like to know what port did what amount of download and upload and protocol. so it would say on port 119 we downloaded 40gb this week or month. or for port 80 we used 50mb and so on.
    i don't want the router itself to freeze or lock up when using the internet as i had a linksys 1 port broadband router freeze and lock up all the time.
    I'd like the router to email me the logs of the info from my above questions, like what web sites and stuff we visited and who did it. i want emailed to me the bandwidth information from my above questions. also if possible I would like the ability to view all of this info in a nice web page with graphs or just nice and clean web page.

    If this stuff is possible on this router or if you know of another wired or wireless router that can do this stuff that's under $250, I'd be glad to pay pal some $ to someone who was willing to help me with this. It's very important to me to find something that can do this stuff asap.

    I do know for sure that the usenet and bandwidth info is not available on this router as i did buy it once and took it back the next day because that wasn't available in it. So i was hoping someone could explain to me the custom firmware option or another router and stuff. or if there was a way to make this router do this stuff.

    thanks a lot guys and take care.
  2. buggs1a

    buggs1a Network Guru Member

    So no one can help me?
  3. buggs1a

    buggs1a Network Guru Member

    Why is no one replying? Can not anyone help or something?
  4. Lance

    Lance Network Guru Member

  5. buggs1a

    buggs1a Network Guru Member

    netopia sucks and doesn't work and i was hoping to get some answers about the hacked firmware if it can do what i posted in my message. not asking anyone to shop for me, but just answer me about the hacked firmware if it can do everything i mentioned i need. i already bought the with speedbooster and tried the parental control, it sucks so bad i took it back the next day. so i was hoping someone could shed some light on my questions in regards to the hacked firmware that is out there.
  6. jagboy

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    maybe you can take that money buy a old machine and you can have it as a server on the network running linux. i dont know if there is a distro that will do this or a linux flavor that will do this. but try this http://distrowatch.com/dwres.php?resource=firewalls smoothwall is very good. or try this one i think this is what you are looking for http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=astaro

    i dont know of a router that does all of that becasue they are limited to cpu ram and flash rom. have also yet to hear of a firmware that does all this. you can always try network monitoring tools.

    try www.distrowatch.com and search there.
    or try google.com for linux distros or linux flavors, that filter the things you want. i dont think that there is a router that does all the things you want period.

    hope this helps a little.
  7. buggs1a

    buggs1a Network Guru Member

    I'm not into linux and don't have a pc for it that it would work on. routers do all of what i said, cept nntp, but well, since i have a sonicwall this discussion is now useless since i know all the firmware for linksys sucks for me. i'd never do it cus of the warranty. so i aint comming back to this site anymore.

    sonicWALL rocks I think!! www.sonicwall.com and www.sonicguard.com I have the SonicWALL TZ150 .
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