WRT54GS problems!

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by shames, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. shames

    shames Network Guru Member

    Hi everyone, i'm new to the forums and to the site cuz i just bought my first wireless modem
    the wrt54gs v4 router
    and i have the pci wmp54gs cards
    i set the router up installed everything without too much trouble and the wireless worked fine for a day or two and then it hit the fan.

    whenever the phone rings or is close by (2.4 ghz phones) it disconnects me. i read thru google and saw it was fcc standards and nothin can be done but is there any way besides gettin new phones to prevent this?

    also periodically my connection would slow to a complete crawl or would just drop me forcing me to restart the router every time
    it says signal strength is 60% at best and i'm maybe 10 feet away with a clear line of vision

    the network monitor always says connected to access point but not the internet yet i can do almost everything
    i called tech support and he gave me some settings to change but this didn't really change much
    is there any firmware or other settings i can do to make thjis better?

    thanks for all the help!
  2. snwbdr

    snwbdr Network Guru Member

    I used to have the phone problem. I am using HyperWRT-Thibor-11 build found here: http://www.linksysinfo.org/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownload&cid=82

    I set my Wireless to channel 11 and my cards in the device manager. Then you just have to call your home phone and and switch channels until you get no interference. Ususally hitting the talk button will do this. I don't get any dropped connections anymore.

    It also has settings to increase the antenna transmit power and some very other useful accessories for your router. Including a fix for P2P, advanced firewall, etc...

    Also download netstumbler and make sure your neighbors aren't using the same channel. My neighbor uses 6 so I use 11. Place your router high up on a shelf or a wall, if two floors with a computer on second floor then put it on the second floor. Adjust the antennas, you can increase the transmit power but put a fan or some way to keep it cool if you turn it up a lot. Some people say anything over 50mW. I have mine at 42mW Thibor default and only turn my fan on when I go outside and crank it up. You shouldn't need to if you are only 10 feet away. They say to mount your wireless phone away from your router. Mine is 3 feet away but I have no problems. Update your wireless pci cards too. If you only have wireless "G" devices, then select that on your router and your cards.

    When flashing your router with new firmware reset your router before and after. Reset button on back. Search the forums for recovering a bricked router. Download and read everything to get your router working again before you flash it. I have never had any problems, and from what I read it is easy to recover it if you do brick it, and really tough to kill these things. I just don't want you to get stuck with no wireless. Better to read ahead and find out before you play around with something. Also very important, Upgrade your firmware over a wired connection only.

    here is the checklist from Thibor build:

    Upgrade Checklist:

    * Make sure the firmware is for the WRT54GS and it supports this router's hardware revision.
    * If your computer is using DHCP, renew the lease early or reboot your computer.
    * Avoid upgrading over a wireless connection.
    * Do not click the browser's stop button, close the browser, or navigate away from this page.
    * Do not unplug or reboot the router during the upgrade or immediately after it.
    * After upgrading, resetting to factory defaults is recommended.

    The upgrade procedure will take a few minutes.
    Do not interrupt it as this can leave the router inoperable.

    HyperWRT is a close to stock firmware with a few extras (must haves)
    DDWRT is a firmware with a boat load of options.
    Both are excellent firmwares.


    Welcome to the forums.[/url]
  3. shames

    shames Network Guru Member

    ok i tried updating firmware i did the ddr v23 generic mini first and it went fine
    i then did the thibor 11 and it went fine
    but after that the oruter went haywire
    all the ehternet lan lights are on as well as the internet but the power light keeps flashing
    it doesn't connect at all through the router now even with lanned connection
    any ideas?
    i tried the long reset, no luck
    i'm not familiar with tftp so i'm a lil hesitant
    Please please help!
  4. raysmd

    raysmd Network Guru Member

    Do what I do. change to channel 13. Your WiFi card must also be able to use the extended channels
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