wrt54gs + speedtouch510 -> pptp trouble [SOLVED]

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by anzenge, Aug 10, 2005.

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    Sorry for asking, but I have following problem:

    .) using ADSL (in Austria/Vienna) with a Speedtouch 510.
    .) direct connetion from a computer to the modem via pptp works.

    .) when I use pptp from the wrt54gs (connected from the "internet" RJ45 connector to the speedtouch modem), the router connects without troubles to the WAN. The router gets the IP address/DNS entries from the provider - and I can ping/traceroute from the router (with the web interface).
    BUT: I cannot get WAN access from the computer (plugged to the switch on the wrt54gs). I can only ping the IP address, which the router has got from the provider ...
    The local internet (192.168.1.xxx) is working ...

    I am sure, I have forgotten something stupid - but I still cannot find what.

    Any hints?


    sounds like vodoo!
    use following steps in the internet setup:
    Setup -> Adanced Routing
    Choose "Gateway" as Operating Mode,
    Enter any Router Name,
    Choose "WAN" on the Interface,
    and press "Save Settings"

    Pressing "Save Settings" made it!

    Proof the rooting with "Show Rooting Table".
    Mine looks at following:

    Destination LAN IP Subnet Mask Gateway Interface
    <IP from your ISP> WAN (Internet) LAN & Wireless WAN (Internet) <IP from your ISP> WAN (Internet)

    May be, this will help anybody ...

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