wrt54gs static route no-set error wrt54gs static rte err: "May be default route ...."

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by cybernuke, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. cybernuke

    cybernuke LI Guru Member

    A bit confused in setting up a static route pass-through on WRT54GS rev 6. In trying to set static route, get message: "May be default route already exists".

    Our target static route upstream web proxy is, our WAN gateway upstream from the WRT54GS is Our upstream DNS server is

    The address downstream static IP address of our WRT54GS is The maintenance IP address in the WRT54GS is All DHCP IP addresses downstream of the WRT54GS are of form All masks are

    The requested route ( w/gateway does not stick in the WRT54GS router table.

    Have not been successful with a LinkSys tech support procedure which is as what we've been trying except for power cycling upstream system. This problem seems within the WRT54GS subnet.

    Several wireless clients are able to use router concurrently. We have to specify default proxy ip in the web browser. This then defeats access to maintance pages (disable allows).

    Any suggestions as to what the error message really means and how to set this puppy correctly?

    cybernuke in Kenya
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    From what you are saying it sounds like you are trying to make the web traffic of subnet 192.168.123.x go to before it goes out to the world. The router is not liking your static route because it already has a route to the ip because it is in the same subnet as its wan interface.

    What happens if you under your browser settings input your address under web proxy? In theory it should work and all should be good, let us know.
  3. cybernuke

    cybernuke LI Guru Member

    update wrt54gs static route setup

    Your assessment is essentially correct. Router works wonderfully if we put the proxy path in the web browser ( However, this disallows access to the maintenance page in the router requiring operator to ping/pong this setting. That's ok in general. But, we have a competitors router with a static route set forward to the proxy which allows subnet clients to access with complete defaults (DHCP auto assign and no proxy in the browser). Trying to achieve similar setup with WRT54GS and achieve some uniformity.

    further ideas?
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