WRT54GS v 1.1 Issue with World of Warcraft

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by omegax84, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. omegax84

    omegax84 Network Guru Member

    Before i get any flames, i'd like to say i'm brand new to this site, and i did use the search feature before i made this thread.

    With that said:
    I get constant disconnects from WoW, obviously this is not new, i've seen threads all over Blizzard forums and a couple on this site. All are quite inconclusive, most end with hardware issues being the root of the evil. There have been many replys with firmwares changes, Mut changes, port forwarding, wireless band configs, telnet changes, etc.

    I have tried most of these to no avail. Granted i've tried well over 10 different routes to correct this issue; now MY question is:

    Is there an official solution to this problem, or at least some very useful tips people can give me?? Especially regarding disabling the speedboosting of the 1.1 one way or another.

    All possible solutions would be wonderful, so i can categorize them and list them via trial/error for the most useful answers. And yes, i have concluded this problem is 100% to do with my router, direct connect and firewalls are perfectly fine running. Thank you all for you respones ahead of time.
  2. Aaronz0rz

    Aaronz0rz Network Guru Member

    heres the deal
    i bought this router today
    ive tried setting static IP in my xp under the router
    ive tried opening the TCP port
    basically..no result
    it got a bit better( as in being able to move around)
    but it seems frozen..i sww people who take the gryphon ride frozen mid air and stuff
    ive tried the alternative firmwares with no luck
    if linksys had a fix, they would have fixed it by now so just return the router and forget linksys completely or go to a regular 54g non S
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