WRT54GS V 7 Problems Reboot everyday

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by mikemorin, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. mikemorin

    mikemorin LI Guru Member

    just got a linsksys 54gs ver. 7 and i got the latest official firmware on the router. I strictly use a wireless connection from the router. It seems about everyday i have to unplug the power from the router then replug in. Then everything will come up and work fine. Its getting annoying doing this. Anyone have suggestions or things to try to keep my internet connection alive?

  2. Maggard

    Maggard LI Guru Member

    Yes - return your Linksys WRT54 v. >4 & get a better model for the same price.

    I understand that's probably not what you're posting to hear, but it's my honest opinion.

    Frankly you've paid top-dollar for a crippled device with a formerly good brandname. For the same amount of money you can get a V.4 aka WRT54GL or any of several other router models, notably ones from Buffalo, which offer improved transmitter/receivers and all support improved 3rd party firmwares.

    Sorry to tell you that you bought a lousy router, at least compared to similarly priced alternatives offering greater & more versatile functionality.

    I suppose an alternative to replacing it is a light timer. I know folks in your situation who've simply plugged their router into a timer which shuts it's power off at 4am or whenever then restores it a half hour later. Primitive, probably not very good for the router, but effective.

    Good luck.
  3. Mastec

    Mastec Network Guru Member

    I second what Maggard says, return the ver. 7 and get a WRT54GL. You will be happier and have less headaches in the long run.

    Or if you can't find a GL look into a Buffalo
  4. Sectornine

    Sectornine Guest

    I am also having this problem and am wondering if there are any solutions. I am not in a position to take it back so I am wondering if there is a solution? Any help would be appreciated!
  5. taillomi

    taillomi LI Guru Member

    There should be a solution .... if it is hardware I think Linksys should be responsible enough to have either a call back or something. I think that a firmware correction should be in order. Was this issue reported to Linksys support ?
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Cold you be more specific as to the connection dropping? you have to reboot, but has the WAN to your ADSL or cablemodem dropped or has the wireless signal dropped? when you have the issue can you ping the router? can you ping an internet address? is DNS dropping? are you doing anything at the time of the drop? signal strength? you have not given enough information to find exactly what is wrong. unless you can determine where the actual problem resides no one can just say a firmware upgrade will fix this issue
  7. danix71

    danix71 LI Guru Member

    Ya, give the exact issues...
  8. taillomi

    taillomi LI Guru Member

    both internet connection drop , wireless and lan; the wan light goes off, LAN connectivity is fine PC to PC has no issue. I am using a cable/modem it does not seems to drop the connection it really seems that the router stop routing to the WAN side.
    Wireless can drop totally sometimes happen about 50% of the time. Hope this help
  9. taillomi

    taillomi LI Guru Member

    almost forgot.... MSN version 8.1 file transfert seems to trigger faster the symptoms, both upload and download transfert cause the same symptoms.
  10. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    what version of firmware do you have? there is a newer version v7.00.4 that has many changes, if you have not updated to this firmware i would strongly recommend you do so.
  11. taillomi

    taillomi LI Guru Member

    firmware verion 7.50.2 July 2007 ... latest as far as I know
  12. R0B0T

    R0B0T Network Guru Member

    I had this problem with my WRT54Gv3 , but i did not start having this problem untill after roadrunner was bought by comcast, now the internet light on the modem wouldnt be off when i noticed the problem, and i could browse to the router interface and ping it fine, the problem was just communication between the router and the modem/internet. now i did not do anything to fix it, worst part is a simple reboot wouldnt do it either i had to restore my firmware to factory defaults, but i belived at the time that this was either my carrier(comcast) or faulty linksys firmware, now ive upgraded to DDWRT RC3 and my router works great, but i do not have my comcast service anymore so i cannot say that fixed the problem.

    i know this does not really help but i was experiencing a similar issue. same brand different version. so i think it was some communication issue carrier side. and sometimes id catch the internet light blinking, so it might of just been my service the whole time, but that does not explain why i had to reset my router to factory defaults.
  13. taillomi

    taillomi LI Guru Member

    Like stated before using the lates version 7.50.2 dated july 2007
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