WRT54GS V1.1 Preformance Drops Daily

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ziggynap, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. ziggynap

    ziggynap Network Guru Member

    I'm using latest linksys firmware and HyperWRT v2.0 and i have an issue where it will slowly degrade preformance over the course of a day and after 12 hrs or so it will evenutally give tons of time out and connection refused errors when i try to open a webpage, speed tests on dslreports will show as low as 54/300 for a normally 6000/768 connection. i do alot of BT and hosting and use alot of port forwards, i have a DMZ host active both of which are using the wireless porstion of the router...the only way to recever from it evenutally not doing anything at all (responding to web requests, ect) is to power cycle it. From what ive heard from this router it is very "RELBIABLE" and that is why i bought it... i have tried netgear 108 mbit and it lasted 5 mins without crashing and requiring a reboot, and before that i had a microsoft 700 and it would last about a day without crashing, and before that i had a netgear something that lasted weeks but it was only 11mbit wireless b, why is it that every router cannot go a day without a power cycle? is it becuase i am a heavy user and pull gigs a day thru it? does it have to do with my heavy use of port forwarding (thousands of connections thru the router?) is there a hard limit on the IP tables ( i know alot of routers that would stop my server from getting more then 500 connections ) but i thought the new routers had almost unlimited ip tables. I already know it has nothing to do with the internet connectioin because i have a switch placed before the router and 2 ip addresses leased from my isp and the standalone machine (deticated server) and the cable modem it self can go months and months without a a single glitch, but the second i use a router for all my workstations on the second ip it never lasts a day without having to reboot the router the second i start hosting or using BT.
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