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    Setting up your QOS on your WRT54GS-v1 w/firmware 4.71.1 try the following.

    Goto speedtest.net and measure you connection speed. Note the upload results (speed) in Kb/s.

    Goto the QOS page in your WRT54GS admin setup.

    Enable the "upstream bandwidth" setting so that it is "Manual," and enter the Upload (speed) result in Kb/s. For example my rr.com cable modem operates at 6Mbs DOWN and 512Kbs UP. In reality I get 5.7Mbs DOWN and 490Kbs UP. So in my case I entered 486kbs, giving up 4K a second for head room. Setting the upstream bandwidth forces the QOS mechanism to operate within actual upstream bandwidth. Since you leave a little overhead in your upstream, bandwidth fluctuations will not be as evident. I personally believe that the AUTO setting does not actually understand how much bandwidth is available. With higher end network equipment the QOS mechanism uses the hardware interface speed to determine bandwidth. Normally you have to hardset a "bandwidth" setting to tell routing protocols and QOS how much actual bandwidth is available. This most likely true for a low end device like a WRT54GS too.

    Next set up your network applications in the "Application Priority" section.

    This is my configuration that works well for me:

    Application --- Priority --- Specific Port

    IPSEC --- HIGHEST ---10001

    SKYPE --- HIGH --- 61537

    HTTP --- MEDIUM --- 80

    DNS --- MEDIUM --- 53

    POP3 --- MEDIUM --- 110

    FTP --- LOW --- 21

    Since I use Corporate VPN and run a IP phone across it, I set my IPSEC connection at the highest level. This gives my corporate conference calls a VIP status. A setting of HIGH would be ok for this as well. I believe technically the HIGHEST setting should not be used except for network equipment communications, but most use it for voice packet level.

    If you have a game you do not want interrupted, enter the port info and set the priority at HIGH. You might need to then elevate the VoIP (Skype) application to the HIGHEST setting, so that the game does not compete with the voice traffic.

    If you do P2P sharing and want to manage your upstream (uploads,) enter the port information for that application and give it a LOW setting like FTP.

    Let me know if this works for you.

  2. hummern23

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    Hi--I think you are on to something. When I tried it on auto, i got roughly the bandwidth splits I wanted, but the proportions to the line speed were off. When I put in my real line speed, I got the results I was thinking I was going to get.

    thanks for the tip!
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    tbh HIGHEST should only be used for bussiness Critical applications. including DNS. you may want to move to Tomato Firmware where QoS is much more advanced.


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