wrt54gs v2.0 or v3.0?

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by rblt, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. rblt

    rblt Network Guru Member

    I am thinking about getting the wrt54gs v3.0 for the newer chip, etc. but don't see any firmware downloads listed on www.linksys.com for v3.0. Is the v2.0 firmware compatible with the v3.0 wrt54gs? Expect I would need to downgrade the firmware in order to set the boot_wait=on.
  2. danielhaden

    danielhaden Network Guru Member

    The newer chip on that model isn't really a concern, but it does have a very fine, very strong radio unit.

    If you like origional Linksys firmware, then you'll love HyperWRT, based directly on the very latest Linksys firmware offerings. In addition to the many changes Linksys has made, Thibor, author of HyperWRT for the "GS", has included point-n-shoot WDS so that you may use both of your "GS" units together for a nice big wireless network.

    To answer your question, the Linksys firmwares numbered 4.** or greater work equally well on the GS V2 and the GS V3.
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    afaik ALL WRT54G/GS have the same radio chip.
  4. rblt

    rblt Network Guru Member

    thanks for the feedback - both danielhaden and toxic highlight my concerns:

    1) if firmware such as openwrt is to be loaded, I understand I need to use the "ping bug" to set boot_wait=on, then flash it within 3 seconds of bootup. But ping bug is said not to work above Linksys Firmware version 3.37.2 for WRT54GS. So if firmware 4.x and above is compatible with WRT54GS v3.0, that would mean no ping bug and hence no ability to load openWRT?

    2) all WRT54G/GS may have same radio chip, but I read somewhere that loading the wrong firmware can disable the RJ45 lan, then leaving the only option for firmware flashing via wireless, which is high risk.

    If GS v3.0 has hardware enhancements over v2.0, I would like to go with it, but only if I still have all options to load openWRT, etc. While HyperWRT is probably better suited to my expertise, I want the ability to turn off telnet and use ssh. My main objective for using non-Linksys firmware is to get more useful logging and the ability to run tcpdump on the box, for monitoring and educational purposes.

    Thanks for your patience...
  5. rblt

    rblt Network Guru Member

    went with GSv2.0, seemed to be a safer bet than v3.0, since I know I can easily flash back to LinkSys official firmware if needed. Also found a v4.0, but would rather have more RAM than less.

    trying out the just released OpenWRT RC4 on the GSv2.0
    RC4 has a nice looking web interface, but doesn't appear to have full functionality - I presume full functionality found through CLI.

    hope to configure/view firewall rules and run monitoring commands such as tcpdump on the box.
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