WRT54GS v2 sn:CGN3xxxxx Radio almost dead

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Randyored, Sep 16, 2006.

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    Bought this puppy at SAM's about 2 years ago. I have run stock, DD-WRT and Hyperwrt (THibor) firmwares. I like THibor's firmware (for the record).

    Anyway, the wireless has always been finicky. I have several devices that connect from PCI, MiniPCI, PCIMCIA and USB. Almost all of them Atheros based devices. I always thought the problems were due to Atheros drivers and such. When problems would come up, I'd change drivers and fiddle until it seemed to work. One day I noticed DHCP wasn't working or some other thing and I would notice that a reboot of the router would sometimes work. I was running DD-WRT at the time so I started to blame it and I flipped to HyperWRT and it seemed to clear up.

    First, I had my laptop over at my bro's house (he has a WRT54G running an earlier HyperWRT) and it worked great!!! Well, last week I decided to do a thorough test set on my setup. It didn't matter what firmware (sorry I blamed DD-WRT) and the problem was there for all of them. OK, not firmware. Maybe hardware? So, I yanked out my old dusty WAP54G (running the old v2.07, Apr 08, 2004; MustDie revision 1) and turned off the WRT54GS radio. Tried all my other devices and wala!! EVERYTHING was great. Everything is holding connections and running fine.

    So, a breakdown of the settings I had running on the WRT54GS wireless which are now mimiced on the WAP54G...

    Access Point
    WPA personal
    Default advanced settings, except for power which was set at 100mW

    Now is 100mW to high for the WRT54GS v2 hardware? In the firmware, the thing can go to like some ungodly 241mW. So, I thought 100mw was safe. The WAP only goes to 84mW.
    Is the WRT54GS v2 hardware crappy?
    What is a good WRT replacement?

    Any ideas? or thoughts?

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