Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by raistphrk, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. raistphrk

    raistphrk Network Guru Member


    I'm trying to work with my supplier to order a bunch of WRT54GS v3 routers (mainly for the Parental Controls feature), but they need a UPC code to track it down. Could somebody PM me with a scan of the UPC? I'd be most appreciative.

  2. mazilo

    mazilo Network Guru Member

    Your supplier should have the UPC code.
  3. raistphrk

    raistphrk Network Guru Member

    Apparently not, for whatever reason. I have a business account at CompUSA, and my sales rep says that they switched out all of their v3 models with v4 models, and that their distributor needs the UPC data to track down where they might be. Whatever is up with that, I don't know. If you want to call him and ask him what the story is, feel free to call store 132 in Ballwin, MO and ask them what the deal is.
  4. Chuck_IV

    Chuck_IV Network Guru Member

    I don't think there is a difference in the UPC's of a V3 and V4. The only thing that signifies whether or not it is a V3 vs a V4 is in the serial number of the unit.
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