WRT54GS v4 memory confusion

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by codrutz, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. codrutz

    codrutz Network Guru Member

    On the autopsy page


    I can read:

    "While there are sparse reports of v4.0 units with 32/8, this is not the norm and it should be assumed that all v4.0 units will have the decreased memory."

    I have found this info on some other websites as well (I cannot find the link now :( ) and there it was mentioned that it seems that the newer GSv4s are built with 32/8 MB as the old v3. I own a WRT54GSv4 and on my memory chip I can read:

    Hynix 529A

    So, how much memory do I have?

    When I access I can see:

    Flash Type=Intel 28F320C3 2Mx16 BotB;
    CPU Clock=200;
    totalram=14815232, freeram=4173824, bufferram=1507328;

    Now, how much memory do I have?
    On the Hynix website:


    It seems that this is 256 Mb chip!!!! :eek: I am really confused. How can I clarify this?


    P.S. I am using the default firmware from Linksys, I have only opened the cover (voiding my waranty).
  2. swinn

    swinn Network Guru Member

  3. codrutz

    codrutz Network Guru Member

    Thank you very much for your answer! :)

    1) I have also found a way on how to determine that, which can help others. By looking at these two pictures:


    You can see that the only difference is the Flash device. The WRT54GS v3 (which has 32 MB) has the flash chip located slighter to the right, when compared with the WRT54G v4 (which has 16 MB).

    I guess this can be determined by accessing the router as well. When


    "Flash Type=Intel 28F320C3 2Mx16 BotB;"

    than you know that you have the 16/4 MB version. I guess for the 32/8 MB version it should look something like:

    "Flash Type=Intel 28F64....;"

    Corrections welcomed.

    2) I must mention that my WRT54GS v4 looks EXACTLY like the WRT54G v4. So I paid premium for the good old WRT54G v4 (or the current WRT54GL) just that I have the SpeedBooster (which I am not using anyway :( , it requires a SpeedBooster network card as well). I do not know if the SpeedBooster means much in terms on hardware. I guess it means nothing. Corrections welcomed.

    3) Something that it still confusing me is why is the terminology 32/8 or 16/4 MB being used. It is obvious that both versions have

    - one 256 MB DDRAM chip
    - one 32 MB OR one 64(?) MB NVRAM chip

    On my 16/4 WRT54GS v4 I have for sure a 32 MB Flash chip


    and a 256 MB DDR module


    So the only difference is the Flash chip. Can someone please explain this?

    4) For a WRT54GS v4 with 16/4 MB memory what is the best firmware that I should use? What am I missing in not having the 32/8 version?

  4. codrutz

    codrutz Network Guru Member

    Sorry, correction for point 3) above. On my 16/4 version I have a HY5DU281622ET which is an 128 MB DDRAM module while on te 32/8 there is a 256 MB DDRAM module HY5DU561622DT. The question is

    - why when the physical amount of memory is 128 MB DDRAM/32 MB NVRAM it is being said 16/4
    - why when the physical amount of memory is 256 MB DDRAM/64(?) MB NVRAM it is being said 32/8

  5. __nbd

    __nbd Network Guru Member

    Have you noticed that you're confusing MByte and MBit?
  6. codrutz

    codrutz Network Guru Member

    Yeap. I just assumed that everybody is talking in Mbytes not Mbits. Sorry! :(
  7. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    The WRT54GS, WRT54GL, and WRT54G V4 are all exactly the same hardware. If I wanted to, I could "upgrade" my WRT54G V4 to a SpeedBooster-capable unit by simply loading HyperWRT Thibor. If you want to, you could "downgrade" your WRT54GS to not have SpeedBooster by loading HyperWRT Tofu.

    The difference between the two is the Linksys-supplied fimware, which only has the SpeedBooster enabled in the "GS" model. And, because they check patterns (in an attempt to prevent people from loading "GS" firmware on a "G" or "GL"), there's an extra step to toggle over to a "GS" firmware on a "G" or "GL" - you have to load up DD-WRT Mini first.

    Sorry, bro. But take consolation in the fact that the price difference between the current GS and GL models is pretty small. And at least you didn't get a WRT54G V5!!!!
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