WRT54Gs V4 w/WPC54GS - Stable...NOT! Help?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by dfischer, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. dfischer

    dfischer Network Guru Member

    My apologies guys, as my first question many not be well received:

    1) I give. I've used a 802.11b for 5 years now, and it was STABLE. It died, and I bought the above. It is major unstable. Nor do I care for the idiots in India. Who makes a reasonably cost effective unit that is ROCK stolid. Asus? Netgear? Belkin?

    2) Are there any known issues with the above unit? WAP and TKIP don't work? WPC cards are known to be bad? etc... FWIW, I lose associated constantly, and distance seems to have no bearing. I've used netwstumbler to find the best channel, have loaded current firmware and OS drivers (win 2000), built the windsurfer parabolic antennas, shut down all speed boost technologies

    I do use the panasonic 2.4 gig cordless phones, and IF I set a working handset down within 4" of the old 802.11 B unit, I'd loose association. Any reason to believe "G" is more sensitive?
  2. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    So...... Actually I have heard TS is in the Phillipines, although maybe they have more than one call center.

    Have you removed batteries from the handset and unplugged the base unit on your cordless yet? Give that a try and report back.

    You've checked through the menus on both sides to make sure you don't have 802.1x authentication accidentally turned on? Did this once myself.

    I have an old WRT54GS v1.0 unit using WPA-PSK AES works great. Don't know why you would use TKIP given a choice, AES is better IMO.

    I cannot comment on the WPC as I have never used one.
  3. jgutz20

    jgutz20 Network Guru Member

    the G is not any more sensitive than the B router was, but probably the channel thats causing the problem with sensitivity.
  4. dfischer

    dfischer Network Guru Member

    phone seems to make no difference.

    WPC card V2 might be the issue. I've turned off frame burst and it seems to have be much better. This is supposed to be a broadcom/linksys proprietary solution. Sadly, WPC V2 is a Ti based chipset.. hm...

    you know, I'd have sworn 802.1 authentication was a selectable parameter, and I can't find it on either the WPC or the WRT. So I can't turn it off. Cardwise, it might have been in my old 802.11b cards. Are you sure it's a configurable option for these? Where?

    Channel wise,11 is clearest s/n of all as per netstumber, so I don't think this is a channel issue.
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