WRT54GS v5 - File xfer Please Help!

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by heyyahblah, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. heyyahblah

    heyyahblah LI Guru Member

    Hey everyone,

    OK, here I'm a fregin noob that needs some help, didn't find what I was looking for on the forum, maybe someone could help me.

    I have 3 systems, wired desktop to router, and 2 wireless PCs. I'm using the WRT54GS v5 router. Everything is good, all PCs can access Internet, just one thing I don't know how to do and can't find any related info.

    How the heck do I share files between my computers? I mean I was using a NETGEAR WRT614v5 before the piece of crap crunked out on me, and all I did to send files to each of my PCs was log into either MSN or mIRC and I would simply send a file from one PC to the other PC and it would xfer over in seconds. Now with my new Linksys, I tried the same thing and no go. I always get an (unable to connect) message or the file xfter cancels out. I made sure in the router setup to make sure there is no check in the Block Anonymous Internet Requests box and still nothing.

    OK I'm like a router n00b. I got the internet connections to work, using easy setup. My online games work OK, figured out to port forward some ports for certain apps/games, like I guess for a n00b like me and what I do, just internet surfing and gaming, the router works OK, no problems.

    I just can't seem to share the files with each other. Can someone help out this stupid n00b please? Is there software I can use or a config option or anything? I guess I should mention all my PC's are using XP w/ Sp2. Desktop is wired connection, other 2 Pc's are wireless. Windows firewalls have been disabled, simple file sharing button checked. Why is it so hard to send a quick 100MB file to each other? if you could help to me setup my comps to share files it will be greatly appreciated!!!! :biggrin:

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. n3tfury

    n3tfury LI Guru Member

  3. heyyahblah

    heyyahblah LI Guru Member

    heh, sorry well i was new to comps and don't really have anyone for help and couldn't find much on the internet, the internet had a whole bunch of trial software they wanted you to download in order to transfer files, i was like thats b.s. i didn't know any better so i just used msn and stuff. how was i supposed to know right? thats why i came here for help and got no answers from anyone. :mad: :mad:

    anyways, thanks for the link bud, got file sharing to work, can't believe out of 100+ views you were the only one to reply, for a forum ---> thats sad. :mad:

    neways, thanks again
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