wrt54gs V7 all lan light on after vxworks killer for ddwrt-v24-micro

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by llathrop, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. llathrop

    llathrop LI Guru Member

    After attempting the first step of the upgrade to dd-wrt v24-micro, I turned off the router and now just get all lights on the switch (ports 1-4 and internet) on. This is after updating to the vxworks killer. I am not sure what I did after vxworks killer, but I may have tried to access the router web page and upgrade firmware that way, instead of rebooting, etc.

    Is there any hope of recovery?
  2. llathrop

    llathrop LI Guru Member

    any ideas?

  3. BrokenBrick

    BrokenBrick LI Guru Member

    Had the same problem. I could ping it after a power cycle, then I would try to tftp the stock firmware, and wait like I was supposed to with no luck. Sometimes it would ping again after the tftp transfer, but the web admin page never came back. I just decided to assume it is bricked and trade it for a WRT54GL
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