WRT54GS (Ver.6) = Port's are blocked

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by TomTomTuning, May 28, 2007.

  1. TomTomTuning

    TomTomTuning LI Guru Member

    Hello every one,

    A little background to what's going on.
    I have a PS3, and I was attempting to get it to work right.
    Since Sony released the update many people are having problems with networking. but that's beside the point right now.

    I have a WRT54GS V6 (so no luck with firmware) and my ports seem to be blocked.

    I have access to the internet but i can not download Torrents

    But when ever I do a Port forwarding test in uTorrent, It fails.
    This has never happen to me, until after messing with the router.
    I have tired changing the port in the settings a couple times.

    If I DMZ the IP, it works fine.
    Both computers on the network seem to have this problem.
    I have reset the router to its default settings, both physically and in the admin tool.

    It just upsets me that this started happening after i was messing with the router

    Any idea wants going on?
    I think I might look at getting a different router, since I am very limited to what I can do with this one (since its a V6)
    Any advice is appreciated
  2. TomTomTuning

    TomTomTuning LI Guru Member

    Just some additional information.

    I did redownload the Firmware.

    I downloaded the Firmware for the Ver.7
    but i come to find out its the same as the Ver.6

    Every thing else is fine.

    I simple have a Wep
    And i am broadcasting SSID

    No issue getting Online or Aim

    Thanks in advance...
  3. TomTomTuning

    TomTomTuning LI Guru Member


    So i come to find out the my problem might be due to the Firmware i downloaded.

    When i was having problems setting up my PS3
    I downloaded the lastest Firmware from linksys site
    Which was 1.52.0

    So i called linksys, and the tech believes that the version of the firmware
    might be blocking these random ports.

    So i set up static ip's on all computers and my PS3
    Then i port forwarded the port Utorrent is currently using.

    I also DMZ'ed my PS3

    The only issue i am having now is UPnP issue, and disconnecting from server on the PS3. But these are not related to the router but the lastest update for the PS3. So i hope they get that resolved soon.
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