Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Vctr, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Vctr

    Vctr Network Guru Member

    I have WRT54GS V1.1
    If I care ONLY about QoS, particularly I need to be sure that my Voice traffic (RTP) has higher priority. Wat firmware could serve better for this purpose?
  2. JensG

    JensG Network Guru Member

    I use DD-WRT 22-r2 on my WRT54GS V1.0, and it works very well with VOIP via my Sipura SPA-2000.

    I have the port where my Sipura SPA-2000 is connected set to Premium, and the others to Bulk + I have made a Service called VOIP that is for the RTP ports my SPA-2000 should choose from. This Service is also set to Premium in the QOS settings.
  3. Vctr

    Vctr Network Guru Member

    That's great. But it is not going to work for me. I have three IP phones, two of them connected to one port (small switch is used) and one to another port. Also I’m thinking about a new WiFi IP phone…

    Most likely I need ability to set Priority based on IP or MAC address or based on TOS
    All IP Phones (at least what I had) set TOS in RTP packets.
  4. JensG

    JensG Network Guru Member

    You can set prority on IP's or MAC's.

    And you can make a service that covers the UDP ports used by RTP.

    In that way you should be covered.
  5. Vctr

    Vctr Network Guru Member

    Just upgraded my Router to DD-WRT 22 and set QOS based on MAC.
    I performed just a few tested - so far looks good to me
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