Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by gudel, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. gudel

    gudel Network Guru Member

    I exchanged my WRT54G for the WRT54GS. now my VPN would disconnect every 2 minutes or so. vpn works fine with the Microsoft mn-500 router and the WRT54G.

    how can i make vpn stay online and not get disconnected with the WRT54GS? the settings seem to be the same between the 54G and 54GS, except for the parental and filter nat redirection which is not enabled.

    this happens only with vpn, everything else works fine. (yes all the 3 vpn passthrough options are enabled in security). setting the computer in dmz did not help either. i reset to factory default and still no go.
    any ideas? if there's no solution, i'm going to take it back for the 54G.

    anybody has WRT54GS and have no problems with VPN disconnections?
  2. gudel

    gudel Network Guru Member

    none of you guys have the WRT54GS?

    I went to the store and return the one I had. then i went to a different stores and got another WRT54GS.

    guess what? the same thing happens. :roll:
  3. reji

    reji Guest

    I have recently purchased a WRT54G and I can't get my VPN to work with this router.

    I have enabled the IPSec passthru.

    What are the steps that I have to do to make this work?

  4. Herman

    Herman Network Guru Member

    WRT54GS bought in last two weeks

    My new WRT54GS, bought in last two weeks, wouldn't even connect for VPN at all to work (it came with latest version 2.0.7 i think).

    It works now with Sveasoft firmware just using default settings on XP and and the GS. I think linksys is going into some kind of firmware slump lately. See below.


    I was using all wired in my case, with WRT setup as gateway. No DMZ or anyting. All simple and normal. Workplace has Cisco box and I was using regular XP VPN. Cisco + XP is probably a very common case for workplace VPN, so I was a little suprised it didn't work.

    I tried every combination with both XP and linksys settings. It never would connect, just sat for awhile on the XP login dialog box, and then got like 6XX error (was 601?).

    My BEFSX41 would work fine (switched back and forth several times). But lately the BEFSX41 would drop after 30 mins or hour after updating to newest firmware (rarely dropped before the last firmware upgrade).


    Well worth the $20 for Sveasoft, if you want the pre-release. Mine worked with both pre3.10 and pre3.11 flawlessly.

    I was worried that that the web configuration interface would be bad or hard to use (or non-existant), but it is really just the Linksys web GUI with a few more options.

    Also cool if you think you might enjoy the fact you just bought a nice general purpose computer / wireless AP/Client / router / switch. I think I will endlessly enjoy the flexability as I get more into this wireless stuff.
  5. Herman

    Herman Network Guru Member


    Also if you are willing to wait a few weeks, from another post, you can get the released firmware for free.

    Not trying to sell anything. Just want to save others the week or so it took me to find all the info and figure this out.

    For myself, I'm definately excited that I finally got this to work. I really didn't want to have to take the GS back to Fry's.

    Here's a link to my other post with a little more info.

    Linksys Info Post: WAP54G vs WRT54G

    Someone should write up a sticky on this to save all the new GS owners some trouble.
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