WRT54GS w/Tomato - VPN for Xboxes & remote network access?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by AMurderOfCrows, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. AMurderOfCrows

    AMurderOfCrows Network Guru Member

    Hey all

    i am loving tomato right now, but i've got a problem i'd like to try to get figured out.

    my friend and i want to run system link (lan party) xbox games across the net via a VPN. we each have multiple xbox systems and wrt54g routers that are upgradable.

    the xboxes in my home are configured to use Static DHCP for easy file access.

    we have been using Xlink Kai for awhile, and while it does kinda work, we're looking for something a bit better.

    we have windows xp pro/mce PCs, wrt54g/s routers, and some basic computer skills.....i just dont have a clue as to where i should go for the info.

    can anyone give me a hand?

    thanks in advance
  2. azeari

    azeari LI Guru Member

    i believe Kai is currently still your best bet for playing system link games, though its possible to do this via a vpn, but ur mileage may vary due to the weak processor on the wrt54g/s

    Anyway, if you're still interested, here's an idea of what you could do.
    1. Make sure all the boxes are the 4mb flash variants(i.e. wrt54g(version 4 and below, can't remember the gs versions, or wrt54gl))
    2. Install a firmware with vpn support. Tomato supports openvpn via roadkill's mod, dd-wrt and open-wrt are other options

    For OpenVPN
    3. Decide on who's router will be the server, and configure it accordingly
    4. Configure the other routers are clients using certificates generated off the server's private keys.
    other notes:
    use tunneling for your vpn link as this also forwards broadcast traffic(not sure if the xbox requires this though)

    If u require more help, feel free to ask around here. Someone else will have to fill you in for pptp since i've not set that up on my wrt :p

    Again, i'd like to stress that its probably not worth the trouble (= happy fiddling
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