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    I'm new to this forums but anway, I have two WRT54GS routers. One is set up with my broadband router, I want to set up the other to use WDS because my main computer is a good distance away from the main router and my boradband speeds are suffering as a consequence. What firmware should I be using, and where can I find a setup guide for it?
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    I recommend Thibor11

    (HyperWRT 2.1 + Linksys 4.70.? + Thibor (with Tofu))

    It is relatively easy to set up and there are several guides already out there. In addition to the guides, I can't stress enough to clear nvram and restore factory defaults (both before and after flashing firmware).

    The WDS link (at least on previous Thibor releases, I have not tried WPA2 on Thibor11) does not support WPA2 or WPA Enterprise encryption. WPA personal, WEP and no encryption work fine. The other setting that seemed to be required is wireless set to "G only".

    In earlier posts, I mentioned that I added a line in the startup script but this release does not seem to need it.

    Welcome to the forum, best of luck.
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    I previously used Hyperwrt Thibor for WDS for both my routes, it didn't work.
    Using dd-wrt, it works great....

    I just configured my 2 routers (wrt54gs v2.1 - host and wrt54g v4 as birdge/repeater). You have to use dd-wrt v23. I use dd-wrt v23 beta 2 mini for the wrt54g v4 and dd-wrt v23 standard for my wrt54gs v3. It works great.

    To configure you can follow the setup configuration at:

    Since I just got it working, I haven't tried using WPA, yet. However, using WEP it works great....

    Read dd-wrt installation guide (the wiki) at http://wrt-wiki.bsr-clan.de/index.php?title=Main_Page

    To download www.dd-wrt.com

    Good luck
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