WRT54G's Wireless suddenly stopped working

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by NuttA, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. NuttA

    NuttA Guest

    For no apparent reason my WRT54G's wireless has just stopped working. I have not changed any setting on either the household laptop or the router itself. Brought my sisters laptop from her place and it can't detect a wireless network either, hers at home is fine and she used to be able to use the one at my house on other occasions, but no longer. I have reset the modem, reflashed the firmware redone all the settings from scratch, nothing, nada. Ethernet is fine. I've never had any problem like this its been humming along fine for months now and I cant for the life of me think of a likely cause for this. It hasnt been touched in anyway and has worked flawlessly for almost a year.

    Anyone heard of the wireless part of a router just dieing before? The antennas are all attached properly and it didnt cop any physical damage recently that I know/can think off. All security settings etc are correct and even with the laptop sitting inches from the router i get nothing. THe WLAN light is on and working fine. I did a search on this forum and found a few other users with the exact same problem as me but no one was able to answer them.

    Any Ideas? I have a v 2 router.

  2. will792

    will792 Network Guru Member

    Had the same problem with WRT54G v.2.0. I wrote it off and put it in the closet since I had a different WRT54G (v.2.2). Just like you I did hard reset and reflash with different firmware (Linksys and HyperWRT) without any success. A month later I decided to check it again and it worked. It happened more than a year ago and this router had been working without any fail since. I currently use it as a node in WDS.

    I am EE by education but cannot come up with any logical explanation for this "RF self healing".

  3. black1

    black1 Network Guru Member

    i have the EXACT SAME problem , just happend last night :/ everything but wireless works , the WLAN light is on all the time and dosnt flicker as usual , does anyone know what to do ? would be greatly appreciated .../..
  4. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member


    WRT54GS 1.0 that suddenly seemed to lose it's wireless. Rebooted, nothing. Reset to defaults, reconfig, still nothing.

    Took it out of the line, replaced it.

    A few days later I decided to flash it with DD-WRT and use it as just a wired router. To my surprise the WiFi side was working again. Weird.
  5. black1

    black1 Network Guru Member

    so you reckon the trick would be to turn it off for awhile ? and possibly a reset/reflash as well ?
  6. drusoicy

    drusoicy Network Guru Member

    Wow - the exact same thing happened to me last night. I rebooted the modem, and wireless came back - then disappeared again. Now when I go into the status page, it just says wireless connection is "Down"

    It doesn't offer any help on getting it to be "up" again. Also, the wireless light on the modem is off.

    The WRT54GX is expensive as hell...this thing better not be broken. I have made NO changes to hardware or to the modem for at least 3 months. This is very random.
  7. globalgreg

    globalgreg Guest

    My wireless stopped working last night as well. I thought it was the DD-WRT firmware so I reflashed it to the Linksys default firmware. I've got the WRT54GS2 V3. Why?
  8. black1

    black1 Network Guru Member

    well my wireless status page says its working fine , the laptop cant detect it though :/
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