Wrt54gs, Wre54g & wmp54gsuk combined issue

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Sukhy, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. Sukhy

    Sukhy Network Guru Member

    I'm hoping that this problem will reach the right ears :)

    My current setup is that of a WRT54GS v1.0 (UK only has 1.0 to my knowledge) with a WMP54GSUK sitting in my system. Connection quality is "low" due to radio blocking walls and distance between router and pci card (everything is on the same floor).

    I bought a WRE54G (firmware 1.05.08) to boost the signal and have configured it manually. MY main problem is as such:

    After manually configuring the wre54g, I find that my laptop (dell 1300 truemobile 802.11g card) will connect to the expander fine. Part of manual configuration involved naming the expander SSID different to that of the router. No problem here. My Dell laptop picks up the expander at high quality and gets onto the web fine & the laptop sees the router as normal as well.

    MY PC (with the WMP54GSUK) although it can see my router and my expander, will not let me access the web if I connect to the expander. Quality is high but I get a "page not accessible" error if I try to go on the web.

    I should also mention that when connected to the expander from my PC, I can only access the Web based setup for the expander on On my laptop however, I can access both router and expander web based setup whilst connected to the expander.

    My assumption is that my WMP54GSUK in my PC is configured incorrectly so as not to allow me to see the router ( and thus the web) when I connect it to the expander. If I connect the PC directly to the router, I have no problems even with the "low signal".

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Many Thanks


    PS. Technical Specs :

    WRT54GS : v1.0 / firmware v3.37.2

    WRE54G : v1.0 / firmware : v1.05.08

    WMP54GSUK : v1.0 / driver v.

    All devices have been given the latest firmware updates available via the Linksys UK download site.
  2. Sukhy

    Sukhy Network Guru Member

    Problem Resolved. The Belkin way


    Hey all. I resolved the problem by putting the PCI card into my bro's PC (running Xp Pro SP1). I have for myself bought a Belkin USB 54mbps adaptor. Works a treat and no connection drop on either PC. Signal range and strength is brill :thumbup:

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