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  1. MattStandage

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    If this problem is addressed in other forums, I'm sorry for the duplication. I have a WRT54GS & a WRE54G running on a mixed mode network. My WRE54G will sometimes drop the connection that feeds the computers attached to it, but then pick it right back up. The machines that get their signal from the expander consequently have to repair their network connections in XP in order for them to continue working. I have the latest, greatest firmware from Linksys running on the range expander (1.04.7 I believe) and the latest HyperWRT firmware, which is pretty sweet by the way, running on the WRT54GS. Any ideas on how I can make the connection be constant on the range expander? Do I have a bad expander?

    One problem that I have, which is unavoidable at this time, is that the router is in a different building than the expander. I'm sure that is the biggest problem but does anybody of anything that I can try before I give up and do some more networking into the other building? Without the expander, I can see a signal into the other building, but it doesnt' reach the other end of the room.

    I did spend about 20 minutes on the phone with Linksys tech support the other night. After polishing up on my foreign languages, I could make out a little bit of what the tech said. He told me that I needed to back off my firmware verson on my router to 2.07.1, instead of the newest 3.whatever. I asked him why I cannot run the newer version with the expander? He wouldn't give me a straight answer, he just said that the older version is compatible with the expader. Apparently the newer one is not?
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    My guess is that the extender is not actually communicating with the router. Are you sure you are connected to the extender and not the router? One thing I did to make sure is I changed the SSID of the extender. Then, when you go to view available networks, you should see both the SSID for the extender and the SSID for the router. Connect to the SSID for the extender and see what happens.
  3. MattStandage

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    I have changed both the default IP and the SSID. The SSID matches on the router & the expander, and the router IP is *.*.*.1 & the expander is *.*.*.2 (of course, the asterisks are there for security reasons). Anyways, I can ping the expander, and connect into it fine. My signal strength is increased siginificantly when the router is plugged in and working. It just seems like that the signal will just quit, and then pick right back up. I have the expander plugged in towards the end of the router's signal. Would it help with I moved the expander to a different room? I am not broadcasting the SSID. I'm confused I guess - I can have a different SSID on the expander then what I have programmed on the router? If that sounds stupid, I'm sorry.
  4. stevesal32

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    Matt -
    Please note, I am not a network guru so take whatever suggestions I have with that in mind. I have a WRT54G and WRE54G. Mine is setup with different SSIDs for router and expander. You can have them different. When I talked with Linksys about problems I was having with the expander, the person actually recommended me setting the SSIDs up differently so you will know which unit you are actually connecting to. Once you do, you should be able to see both SSIDs when you do a VIEW AVAILABLE NETWORKS (unless one is completely out of range).

    It does work for me. Something I have noticed, router firmware seemed to make a real difference for maintaining a good signal. My suggestion....upgrade the router firmware to the latest on the linksys site AND the firmware of the expander. The latest firmware for the expander took care of an annoying red light problem I was having on the expander. I did this just last night. Not because I was having any real issues. I did it to install HyperWRT 2.0 (which works perfectly by the way). I also did it to hopefully install WEP and have had no luck with earlier firmware versions from Linksys. The version I was using was 2.04.xx.

    I hope this helps a little. Good luck. BTW....have you successfully installed WEP?
  5. MattStandage

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    Worked wonderfully. Changed the SSID on the expander and change the network on the client machines - works awesome. Thanks for the help. I put WEP on it and that works fine too.
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