Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by emad, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. emad

    emad LI Guru Member


    Can anyone help. I am trying to set up a WRT54GS router. I cannot get past the request for a password. I have tried the default password. I have reset the router. All the LEDs are lit correctly. I am also unable to access the router's supposed default address of

    I have no problem accessing the internet directly through my broadband modem.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    You say you cannot access yet you are being prompted for a password? what address then are you using to get this password prompt?

    username should be blank and pwd: admin (lowercase)
  3. emad

    emad LI Guru Member

    I am getting the password promt while using the setup wizard. When the wizard reaches the stage of checking my computer settings, I then get the prompt for a password (no username, password only).

  4. grey80

    grey80 Guest

    reset your router then go to cmd and type ipconfig get the default gateway go to your browser and type it in. Password is admin. do not need username.
  5. Peter_sys

    Peter_sys Network Guru Member

    Or try to get into the router via web page Example

    As grey80 suggest note what the gateway ip is http://gateway ip also check
    to see if router is using dhcp, if it isnt you will need to manually set up network settings on your pc or laptop. But this should not be an issue as you are being asked for the password?
  6. candyangel

    candyangel Guest

    WRT54GS problem

    I am trying to set this router up, i went thru the set up cd on the main pc and it set up fine, but i then had problems connecting to the net on my laptop, the connection status says connected but it won't access the internet, i tried pinging an internet address from cmd but it said it was unreachable, so i then made the mistake of pressing the reset button on the router, went to reinstall on the main pc but now it wants a password and won't accept any i give it, i have tried admin but it does not work, i have had to connect the main pc back up to the modem just to try and get help :confused:
  7. Jolan

    Jolan Network Guru Member

    We should clear something here:
    -You don't need to install anything on your computer for this router to work.
    -When those guys asked you to reset your router, you have to press on the reset button for 30 seconds for clearing the nvram (all the configuration you may have made will be wipe, and the router will be like a new).

    So do the reset thing and go in your browser. Type, then you will be prompt for your username/password. Leave the username blank, admin for the password.
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