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    I bought a WRT54GS for home so my GF could connect to work through a VPN ( would not work through our previous router, Speedstream Powerline ). The VPN is a "plain vanilla " microsoft PPTP.

    Updated firmware to 3.37.2 immediately.

    The VPN works when her PC goes direct into the cable modem. When through the router, connects for about 3 minutes, then closes.

    Through lots of web-surfing, this seems to be a problem with the WRT54GS. I tried Linksys support, got nowhere. I have tried the following:
    - port fwding - no luck
    - DMZ - no luck
    - checked MTU - was fine

    The one answer I can not find anywhere - does any of the 3rd party firmware correct this?

    Is it automatic IE just load the firmware and everything works?

    I downloaded the Satori v 4.0 on this site. Will that work?

    If not, this 54GS goes back and I get the BEFW11S4, which others at her work have and say no setup issues.

    Thanks for any help.

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