WRT54GSr2 as AP with three others used as bridges...

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Solid-State, Sep 21, 2005.

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    I have a friend in a rural area that has Directway sat internet. He wishes to share the connection at his neighbors. The three "clients" are roughly within a 1k radius. They will share the cost of the service but wish not to see the other machines on the LAN. I have read there are two ways to do this... using the one WRT54GSr2 as an AP and use the other three in client mode. I do need to bridge two machines at the client ends via wired 100mbit. At the AP end I wish to use a high gain omni as the three client locations are at points in a triangle and a sector wouldn't work and be more expensive and I’d need at least two 160 units. At the client ends small panel antennas would be great. I intend to use LMR 400 and won't have a run of more than ten feet to each WRT54GSr2. I have read and under stand how to use it in client mode where it also acts as a DHCP at the client end wired network (ie the switch on the unit) This seems like a poor way to do it. I'd have three DHCPs on 4 subnets. I also read it's not a good idea or that only one port should be used in client mode. I guess I could put a wired Dlink DI-604 to NAT to the single IP the client WRT54GS would have. After all this wouldn’t WDS be the way to go? The only problem is I haven’t found any decent info on how to set this up with WDS using DD-WRT version 22 release 2. Would I really would like is have both wired and wireless bridging at the “client†end WRT54GS. I could use one antenna port for the outdoor panel antenna to the AP and the factory unit indoors at the WRT54GSr2 for wireless access inside the house. Anyway I think I got across what I want to do. What is the best solution www.linksysinfo.org users?
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