WRT54GSv4 , dd-WRT 23b2 and massive packet loss

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by dr_nedo, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. dr_nedo

    dr_nedo Network Guru Member

    Hello all,

    This is the first time that I've dared to put my own post, but I've ran out of solutions, so I really need your help.

    It's been a while since I've unpacked my lovely wrt54GS v4 from the box, after doing some research I've put dd-wrt v23b2 on it [mini, then std, the 24.11 version]. unfortunately after some time i've observed that when pinging any host
    ping -t anyhost.com
    I get a huge packet drop (around 25%). This concerns both my wired and wireless networks. Since I've made some changes on my original configuration (dhcpd setup, performance stuff), i've reset to factory defaults hoping this will change something. unfortunately the packets still seem to drop with the same rate.
    I've read that many people have had such problem and fixed it by setting the maximum open ports to 4096. I've done so, I've also decreased the tcp and udp timeout values, still no luck.

    My configuration is
    [wired network (192.168.1.x)] -> [wrt54gs(] -> lan & wlan (192.168.0.x)]

    The pings to the router (ping are perfectly stable. Pings from the router (when I ping other hosts using its' shell are also 100%).

    Do you have any ideas what could I do?. I am | this close to returning to original firmware, since I don't want to put hyperWRT on it.
    Your help will be deeply appreciated.
  2. dr_nedo

    dr_nedo Network Guru Member

    I beg everyone a pardon, it actually happened to be a problem with my f***g ISP. My concern resulted from one thing: I forgot that the linux ping command just won't give up.
    Since the latency on my overcrowded network caused packet timeouts which were shown on the win32 ping command i got concerned not seeing a packet dropout on the linux shell.
    Eventually I've asked people on my local network (behind the router) to perform the packet measuring and it finally resulted that it's not the router's fault.
    Again, sorry for bothering. This is what happens when you post for the first time.
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