wrt54gv2.0 & pptp problem

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by noble, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. noble

    noble Network Guru Member


    today I bought the WRT54G. its using the newest firmeware from linksys.

    but the main problem is, that I connects to my pptp.
    the router can ping websites but not the clients connected on the router.

    my network describtion:

    normally I uses my laptop (using winxp) direct connected to an ethernet socket via a patch cable. then i will geht a LAN IP from the server /
    After this I had to dial in into the VPN via PPTP. The PPTP connection gets his own IP Adress from the server (192.168.x.x).

    Now wen i set up de router to connect to the vpn it works well. the router will connect und changes his ip to a 102.168.x.x
    but when i try to ping a website from a client - nor response - when i want ping someone in the LAN no response.

    i made tracert and i saw that the router wont route me into the lan.

    but when the router makes tracerout or a ping everything works find.

    what should i do?

    please help me thx.

    greetingz from austria
  2. noble

    noble Network Guru Member

    is nobody able to help me???
  3. styrian

    styrian Network Guru Member

    Which provider do u use ? Telekom Austria or Inode (I think, both of them use the PPTP protocol).

    If you use TA...no probs at all. If you use Inode, there is a PPTP issue. But I think there is a solution regarding the PPTP problem (specific description found at xdsl.at)...

    Greetz, Styrian
  4. noble

    noble Network Guru Member

    sorry, i think i expressed myself a real bit unclear.

    i am living in a student dorm and ther we have to build up en PPTP Connection to the Server which is our Gateway to the Internet.

    This PPTP is necessary to log our TransferVolume and make surfing in our LAN a little bit saver.
  5. styrian

    styrian Network Guru Member

    ...aha...so iss des...

    I´m not sure, but you can try to configure the WRT54G as a router and not as a gateway (default). And then, you can perform static routing (I think so).

    I own the WRT54GS, but I think, they both have the same webinterface. I far as i can remember, there was an option for static routes. Give it a try...

    Greetz, Styrian
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