wrt54gv2 w/dd-wrt bricked after cpu oc to216

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by xculpatory, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. xculpatory

    xculpatory LI Guru Member

    Ok here's my problem. I flashed the wrt54gv2 with the dd-wrt 23sp2 firmware. System was running fine until i started to run utorrent then everything slowed down. I fixed the ttl's & open ports as suggested the dd-wrt wiki related those issues. I saved those settings and then i made 1 uptick on the cpu oc to 216. Rebooted the router and all i got was the blinky power light.:frown:

    Used the wrt54g 4.30.5 US firmware, culled from this site, to unbrick the router. Now the router is listed as wrt54gl in the web interface. The router works fine with the new linksys firmware. I have tried to install the dd-wrt mini generic firmware onto the router and have had the same result everytime...blinky power led. I then use the linksys wrt54g 4.30.5 US firmware to unbrick the router. It is working but I would like to get back to the dd-wrt firmware.

    I have done the nvram clear everytime I flashed the router. I've let the router sit a least 10 minutes in between flashes.

    I have tried to telnet to the linksys flashed router and I always get a "could not open connection on port 23" error. Firewalls down all that good stuff.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. xculpatory

    xculpatory LI Guru Member

    UPDATE: the linksys flash is causing problems too. Router keeps rebooting about every 5-10 minutes
  3. Hackman

    Hackman Network Guru Member

    You could try using the next higher speed (for my wrt54gs v1.1 its 228mhz). I can remember, that some router only support some of the speeds. I have read of one that run with 300mhz realy fine but stop working when you set 264mhz
  4. xculpatory

    xculpatory LI Guru Member

    i cant get back to the dd-wrt firmware, power led keeps blinking at me, nor login via telent to adjust the settings, i get a port 23 error.
  5. xculpatory

    xculpatory LI Guru Member

    FWIW - I was able to get thibor installed. Utorrent seems to like that one the best so I may just stick with it.
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