wrt54gv3 and Intel 200bg

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by speedlever, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. speedlever

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    I just installed a new (had it on my shelf for 3 years) wrt54g v3 to replace a DLink DI624 router. Upgraded the firmware to 4.21.1 and setup wireless security as in the DLink - WPA2/EAS.

    My wireless computer upstairs with a pci wireless card connects without a problem. Both the LAN (shared files viewable from the main PC) and the internet are available as before.

    I run Vista/32 on the wireless PC and Vista/64 on the main PC.

    My laptop fails to connect to the wrt54g. I run SP/pro.sp2 on it. In fact, when I tell the connectoid to connect, the red X on the icon never budges... ie, I never see it search for the WLAN.

    I have a neighbor with a Linksys wireless router. I have to block that one or my laptop wants to connect to it. I moved my channel from 6 to 9 to get away from any channel conflicts. Netstumbler tells me no one is using that channel in my area. Otherwise, I've had no trouble getting my laptop to connect anywhere and I travel a lot.

    Thinking it may be an issue with my Intel Proset wireless client, I switched to the Windows client but still cannot connect. I've reset the connection details in the laptop to no avail. I've rebooted to no avail.

    When I look at my laptop's connection settings via the ipconfig/all window, my Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection shows the media state is disconnected. If I use SIW and look at my Network cards, the 2200BG card shows the status as disconnected too.

    But if I unblock my neighbor's network, my laptop connects right away and then the media state shows connected with the normal connection info, etc.

    I have a print server too.. just needed to change the IP and it works fine. Only the laptop is a problem child.

    What have I missed setting up the laptop? I didn't have to change a thing on the other wireless computer with the pci wireless card.

    I'm stumped.
  2. speedlever

    speedlever Network Guru Member

    Sorry, the title was supposed to reference the Intel 2200bg card. I mis-typed. Moderator? Can you fix the title?
  3. speedlever

    speedlever Network Guru Member


    Went into Add/Remove programs and chose the repair option for the Intel Proset Wireless.

    I don't understand what the problem was, but this fixed my connection issue with the new router.
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