WRT54GV4 third party firmware update failure

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by pecs_jr, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. pecs_jr

    pecs_jr Network Guru Member

    "Upgrade are failed" message while trying to upgrade from browser interface. Using Linksys TFTP client 1.255 upgrade fails with "Wrong Code Pattern" message. Router is set to factory defaults.

    Any ideas welcome. TIA.
  2. danylati

    danylati Network Guru Member

    me too i try to flash dd-wrt .23 beta 2 and wrt54g V4, and failed to flash in web interface

    ANY IDEAS??????
  3. pecs_jr

    pecs_jr Network Guru Member

    Seems to be an accurate breakdown of the hardware, if you note in the table that the v4 has an all-in-one chip solution and my observation that the v4 has the same 'cutout' board as a v5, I think we're hosed. On the bright side, I decided that it's a POS and it should be returned and my local Sam's Club has GSv2.0 units in stock at a reasonable price, quite worth the sizeable increase in memory and flash over the v4/5 units.

    Dig around for another post I replied to on the subject, they are saying that the "mini" firmware fits and runs the unit, I might try it before I return this box just for fun.
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