WRT54Gv4 - watch out!

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by undivine, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. undivine

    undivine Network Guru Member

    I just spent the last couple hours messing with my newest toy - a WRT54GS. Unfortunately it is a v4. Out of the box, it workes as intended. However the parental controls are not available at all, and a call to Linksys found that it is available only on V3 or below. So, I looked further and found this:


    "The majority of WRT54GS that are version 4 that are being released by Linksys now only have half as much memory and are thus almost identical to the old WRT54G except for that it still has SpeedBooster, but it would appear that Linksys has cut the memory down to 16MB of RAM and 4MB of NVRAM in an effort to cut costs. For those who care though, the new Version 5 WRT54G has also had it's memory cut in half so it now only has 8MB of RAM and 2MB of NVRAM and doesn't even run Linux anymore."


    So, Linksys actually said they would take this one back and give me a V3.

    I think I will take them up on that.

    If anyone knows how to make a V4 work like a V3, that would be a great thing, but it looks like these things are going the way of the buffalo...
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    This is most likely due to the firmware revision for v4 units. v1.05 whereas v3 and below are on v4.70.6

    to downgrade you could use ddwrt mini generic then try upgrading to the official 4.70.6 however it may trash your router due to the amount of ram in place.

    anyonther factor maybe that Parental control being dropped as it may not be a popular feature.
  3. undivine

    undivine Network Guru Member

    I went ahead and initiated the replacement with Linksys to get a V3. I dont want to mess with probably having lower ram - etc. Once i get the v3 I will be more assured that it is ready to play with.

    I am sure the parental feature is not popular, but it was the sign I noticed that this was not what I was expecting to get.
  4. Chuck_IV

    Chuck_IV Network Guru Member

    Yea, after reading this site, I didn't even take my V4 out of the box. It went right back to the store and I went in search of another version. Came across 2 V1.0's :eek: , a V2.1 and a V3. I decided to go with the V3(which was hiding on the back of the shelf, at a local Staples) and it's been good so far(although I did have an issue loading HyperWRT on it but it finally did work).
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