WRT54Gv5 Firmware bug??

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by DBruceM2, Jan 8, 2006.

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    I'll try to keep this short and to the point.
    I recently replaced an old 4 port linksys router w/ a WRT54Gv5.
    I run a personal web/ftp server connected via wire behind a WRT54Gv5. Also on this network is a 54G laptop, and a 100mbps workstation.
    When connecting to the server from either workstation (via web or ftp, port 80 or 21), the download speed is about 11KB/s. These are the numbers my FTP client show as well as the download rate that IE gives me on a file download. Essentially, data transfer from a 192 to another 192 via FTP or HTTP is SLOW. However, if I map a drive on that server, I get normal expected speeds for a 10/100 network.
    My first though was that maybe my HTTP/FTP request was bouncing from the server to the WAN, out to my ISP, back from my ISP to the WAN, then from WAN to the workstation on the LAN that made the HTTP or FTP request. But, when looking at the lights on the router, there is no indication of data on the WAN light. Only the lights for both LAN PCs flash. (hope that makes sense)
    If I access my server from any other PC that is not on my LAN (different internet connection), the download speeds are normal. I had friends run some tests from their internet connections for me and the transfer rates they report are within a reasonable margin. (They get about 60 to 80KB/s download)
    I've tried port forwarding, static and dynamic IPs, setting the server in DMZ, and port triggering, but it's still slow.
    I know that it should work much faster as the old 4 port wired linksys gave me no trouble in this respect.
    I am using the latest firmware from linksys v1.00.4. Could this be a bug with this firmware? Is it unnecessarily filtering packets from 192 to192 IP? Or is this just a poor configuration on my part?

    Any thoughts or additional things to try are welcome. Please reply if more info is needed.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or ideas.
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