wrt54gv5 "Internet Connection Status" not Showing

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by khabz, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. khabz

    khabz Network Guru Member

    The "Internet Connection Status" doesnt seem to want to show up on my system. Does anybody else the same?

    if you guys dont know where that is, its under "Network Connections" > named "Internet Connection" Icon.
    I assume its my router ofcourse.

    The thing is, I use it a lot to see how long has my router been up an running. Now, I cant because evertime I try to check the Status it would not show up.
    When it shows up, it only shows up for a second and disappears.

    do you guys think its my system? or the router?

    here is what it should look like:
  2. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    There is a Linksys Corporation LiveChat site where you could ask the people who know best.
  3. khabz

    khabz Network Guru Member

    So... does this mean that it is because of my system and not the router?
    well atleast can anybody else try to see if their own wrt54gv5's "internet connection status" shows up in their system...
  4. lengsys

    lengsys Guest

    it does show up

    If you had checked the "show icon in notification area" in properties ,it should show up unless you really do not have a net connection that is alive

    Am using wrt54gv5 here too. So far so good :thumb:
  5. khabz

    khabz Network Guru Member

    Re: it does show up

    Thank You :D
    Atleast I know its not the router... its my system.
  6. Mayhem

    Mayhem Guest

    I'm using a WRT54G v5

    I tried it and the status dissapears after a few seconds on my system too..
    I checked the show icon in notification area box but it makes no difference.. It just shows the icon in my system stray but with no additional info.
  7. khabz

    khabz Network Guru Member

    Yay! its not just me, thank god....
    I've checked out my system and nothing seems to be wrong... I've also used my cousins computer to see if I could see it in his laptop and nothing. So it is the routers problem? So.. confusing :eek:

    Anyone Else? Here that is experiencing the same thing?
  8. rwelzel

    rwelzel Network Guru Member

    Internet Gateway Status

    I have been having the same problem now for about a year...it is driving me crazy.

    I have come to the conclusion that it is related to the router's implementation of UPnP. Also, since the problem manifiests itself on all of the machines on my network, I am convinced it is the router.

    I use the WRT-54GXv1, and since three of us in the house use azureus, I think the problem is definately with the router.

    I read on another post about this problem:

    "Special note for users with Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS routers, there are severe problems with them when running any P2P app (read for fix)
    The default firmware for Linksys (and all replacement firmwares except for one) have a severe problem where they track old connections for FIVE days, which causes the router to hang when using P2P apps, or any software that generates a lot of connections. DHT only aggravates the situation because of the number of connections it generates."

    I use the properties button on the internet gateway to "manually" clean out the UPnP junk left behind on the router, and when it mysteriously disappears like it has, I have no way of doing this.

    I also noticed that I will get port errors indicating that my ports have been reserved for 192.168.1.xxx, and the like. Oftentimes the IP was the previously DHCP assigned IP for my computer, so the router never released the port.

    It's all just a theory, however, that I am unable to test. So maybe some of the really smart ppl out there can tell me first, how to find out what ports are reserved by UPnP, secondly, how to release them, and finally, whether the problem is XP, Linksys, UPnP or a combination.

    I should also add that the problem may be completely unrelated...lol...but I've seen these things enough to think that they are more than a coincidence.

  9. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    P2P issues

    Regarding P2P software comments:

    Use that "Search" button dude!

    There are no shortage of threads already outlining how to make P2P apps work better in home networks.

    Hint: First place to start is your P2P FAQ and it's configuration. Configuring the router helps too, but don't skip steps!
  10. rwelzel

    rwelzel Network Guru Member

    P2P Issues

    I appreciate the advice...lol

    and I've spent a year, on and off, searching for resolutions. My router is configured properly, but having it so doesn't resolve the issue of the router not functioning properly.

    Perhaps my problem is unique because I have three clients behind the router using P2P software, but we have measured the bandwidth available and divided it between us. The problem is that unless UPnP is used, the routers require one, and only one, IP address to be assigned to a port for forwarding. Port triggering isn't appropriate for this issue either.

    If, however, the problem involves residual connections, then the current threads on P2P connections only helps wrt54g users since third party firmware exist to implement a solution, and is of no use to wrt54gx users.
  11. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    I don't have a GX, but 3 BT clients can easily run 500-1000 connection table entries each.

    If you have a firmware with command shell, then
    wc -l /proc/net/ip_conntrack
    will tell you how many connections you are currently using
    cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_conntrack_max
    show you max size of table currently

    Then you know for sure.

    Dollars to donuts that's it though.

    As I mentioned in several other threads, last house I lived in with a bunch of people, we setup one old PC in the laundry closet for all BT usage. That way anyone in the house could VNC into the box and start a download. With all BT in one place, it cuts down on noisy PC's being on all the time.
  12. rwelzel

    rwelzel Network Guru Member

    Great Idea

    A separate box for BT is a great idea...

    Hopefully that issue will be resolved within the next few weeks tho...I have two adult boys finally moving out...lol...I remember when I was 18 I couldn't wait to get out...one goes to a new apt tomorrow and the other starts at an out of town vocational college in May

    As for the command shell, I don't think the GX's have it available...don't know for sure, but had anyone mentioned it I would have probably tried to tinker with it...

    Thanks again, and I think you're right

  13. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    You can cut down on issues a lot with BT client settings. Drastically reduce the number of connections settings, max-up/down, etc.
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