WRT54GX and Alcatel 1000 ADSL

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by puk1972, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. puk1972

    puk1972 Network Guru Member

    I've got the following problem !

    ISP = Telekom Austria AON Speed (ADSL via ISDN)

    ALCATEL 1000 ADSL Modem

    LINKSYS WRT54GX-v2 Firmware EU 2.00.10 (or ..12, or ... tried a few)

    Telekom Austria is using PPTP Protokoll.

    Until a few days i used D-Link 614+ instead of the Linksys.
    Everything was fine. Set the D-Link as following:

    Protokoll: PPTP
    PPTP Client: Static IP
    IP Adress:
    Service IP:
    PPTP Account: My account from ISP (10 numbers)
    PPTP Password: My password from ISP
    PPTP Passwaord retype: same as above
    Maximum idle time: 0
    MTU: 1400
    Connect Mode select: always on

    Firmware d-link:3.43, 3. Nov 2004
    working fine (but slow wireless)

    Now i set the linksys to the following:

    Internet connection type: PPTP
    internet ip adress:
    Subnet Mask:
    Service ip adress:
    User Name: same as dlink
    Password: same as dlink
    Keep alive redial period: 30 sec. (default)

    Router name: nothing
    Host name: nothing
    Domain name: nothing
    MTU: auto
    Firmware: 2.00.10 (also tried ...12, etc.)

    but i can't connect to the internet (not in IE or in Status page from Linksys)

    After a lot of hourst trying ,
    can somebody please help me ?

    puk1972 :sad: :sad:
  2. puk1972

    puk1972 Network Guru Member


    Linksys tel support told me, that my internet provider (telekom austria) changed MTU to 1492.

    Linksys isn't able to do MTU 1492 in PPTP Protokoll (he said).

    But my old D-Link router works quite well with MTU 1400 in the same environment. (alcatel 1000 adsl Modem).

    Whats about this MTU 1492 ?

    thanx puk1972
  3. puk1972

    puk1972 Network Guru Member


    Has anybody a idea what to try next ???

  4. unclesem

    unclesem Network Guru Member

    May I ask you where do you found 2.00.12 firmware?
    Can you share it ?
    Thanks in advance
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