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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by sniffs, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. sniffs

    sniffs Network Guru Member

    Anyone having issues with port forwarding on this router? I have Firmware Version: 1.01.05 and its appearing to not forward my ports. I have a D-link DCS-900 internet camera and I can access the cameras webpage on the local network, but when I try and access it over the internet it doesnt seem to work. I have both ports 81 and 8481 forwarded.. I'm assuming since the camera uses, that I'd forward those 2 ports to 1.102.. yet I cannot seem to access it.

    I then thought maybe my ISP is blocking incoming traffic from 80/81 so then I set the camera to have a webserver on port 800 and forwarded port 800 to 1.102 and still wont work.. help!

    EDIT: I can access the routers admin website, the one on :8080 remotely, but cannot access the cameras admin website on port 81, 800 or 8481 which are forwarded...
  2. sniffs

    sniffs Network Guru Member

    Help... :cry: :cry:
  3. theoak

    theoak Network Guru Member

    Are you sure your camera is on

    I would check the router to ensure that is the IP that it gave it.

    I had port forwarding set once on what "was" the IP. When I unplugged and plugged the router's power adapter, my IP address changed and as such none of my port forwarding worked.

    Just a thought ...
  4. sniffs

    sniffs Network Guru Member

    Well i can go to locally and it works perfectly fine.. i use dyndns.org to map my dynamic ip to a mine.nu hostname, and when I type it out on a pc not on the network it doesnt work.. I also did a netpeek and it appears my camera isnt hosting a webserver but it is because I can type it locally.. which makes me think my router isnt forwarding the ports..
  5. theoak

    theoak Network Guru Member

    One thing I also had to do:

    My setup is I have my DSL modem/router connected to my Linksys wireless router (WRT54GS1.1) which is connected to my computers.

    I had to forward ports on both routers.

    Therefore, on the Linksys, I had to figure out what IP it gave my computer AND on the DSL router, I had to figure out what IP it gave my Linksys router and setup the forwarding on both accordingly.

    Not sure what your setup is, but if it is similiar it might give you some ideas.

    I am by far a Network guru ... this is just some of the issues I have run into the past.

    Good luck!
  6. sniffs

    sniffs Network Guru Member

    Well I have a speedstream 5100 dsl modem connected to my linksys WRT54gx router, then lan port 1 is for pc1, lan port 3 is for the DCS-900 camera, the wireless feeds to 2 laptops and 2 regular PC's.., all on a 192.168.1.# ip set.. I have most of my IP's start at 1.100 or higher, so the camera is set at 1.102 with port 81 as being the web server and port 8481 as being the image transfer port. Both of those ports work fine locally.. but when I go into my router to forward both of those ports to 1.102, it is not accessible via the internet.. I can type my ip:81 or the mine.nu:81 and neither work.. now when I do the mine.nu:8080 for the routers config website it works fine, just not the camera..
  7. theoak

    theoak Network Guru Member

    So to recap, within your LAN you can use and see your camera.

    Therefore I think it is safe to conclude that the Linksys is running fine.

    To me the problem is with your DSL router. You need to enable port forwarding on the DSL router using the IP address of the Linksys router (not the IP address of the camera or any of the computers) since your DSL router is only connected to your Linksys router versus your computers or camera. Makes sense?

    (It could be that we are saying the same thing ... I probably am just not understanding you completely.)

    For example:

    My Linksys gave my computer an IP address of:


    Therefore, in the Linksys admin pages, I had to enable port forwarding for the various ports using IP address YYY.YYY.YYY.100.

    I tried to run my application to access the outside world and it did not work.

    I then went into my DSL router admin pages and enabled port forwarding on YYY.YYY.YYY.100. It still did not work - which makes sense considering the only thing connected to my DSL router was my Linksys router.

    In the DSL router admin pages I discovered that it gave my Linksys router an IP address of XXX.XXX.XXX.100. I then enabled port forwarding on the DSL router using XXX.XXX.XXX.100 ... and ... BINGO ... the application worked like a charm.

    Makes sense?

    Not sure if this will help you or not ... but it worked for me.
  8. sniffs

    sniffs Network Guru Member

    That does make sense, but I have my linksys router setup as a DHCP.. and my modem has a static IP address of and it wont change.. my linksys router is I was at one time able to access the dsl webpage and still be on the 1.1 network but for some reason since I rebooted it a few days ago I cannot.. I dont really want to have to connect the DSL modem up to a PC then set it up then reconnect everything.. but if I have to then so be it..
  9. theoak

    theoak Network Guru Member

    My IP address setup is identical and I can access both routers admin pages.

    If you can not get to your DSL router's admin page after you rebooted your DSL router, odds are, the reboot set your DSL router to the same IP address as your Linksys router. (Or the other way around if you rebooted your Linksys router.) You can correct this by changing your Linksys base IP address, or as you mention, connect a PC directly to your DSL router and access the DSL router admin pages that way. I would think it would be easier to just change the Linksys base IP address and call it good.

    If both routers have the same IP address, things should run fine, other than if you want to get to the admin pages of either router, it will only take you to the one that is first in the chain; in other words, your Linksys router.

    Good luck!
  10. sniffs

    sniffs Network Guru Member

    can I have my linksys as and still be the DHCP server and give out IP address?? If i do make it 1.2, will it still be the gateway? and if I do make it 1.2, should I be able to access the DSL modem? I'm a little bit of a noob when it comes to IP addresses and how they work..

    EDIT: Nm.. I just made my router use ip 1.2 and I still cant access the dsl modem.. I wonder If I should power cycle the modem?
  11. theoak

    theoak Network Guru Member

    I am a bit of a NOOB too, so it is a little of the blind leading the blind :dunce:

    I would try setting your Linksys to

    Not sure if it will make a difference :???:

    For DHCP if your DSL router is set to, it might try to set your Linksys router to :???:

    Using a different subnet might make a difference.

    Otherwise, try connecting a PC via cable to the DSL router.

    From there ... I am out of ideas. :sadbye:
  12. sniffs

    sniffs Network Guru Member

    Ok, I did a few tests.. plugged the DSL modem into my pc directly, and viola, able to access the dsl's webpage by going to now.. plugged the modem back into the router, which is set to and I cannot access the DSL modems page at Im at a brick wall now.. I did check the DSL's settings and it doesnt have/feature port forwarding so I dont think my DSL modem is blocking any sort of ports..
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