WRT54Gx and Port forwarding

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Guillaume-WRT54GX, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. Guillaume-WRT54GX

    Guillaume-WRT54GX Network Guru Member

    Hello everybody,

    I'm Guillaume, I'm french so my english is probably not very very good, but i'm going to try to explain you my problem.

    I've bought an WRT54Gx router because of quality of product and because of great awards i've seen on the web. This router has got the same firmware that its has when i receive it. So let's go to explain the problem.

    Before i've got DG834G netgear router and il would be able in DHCP mode to assign IP adress on MAC adress and then il forward different ports on IP adress of my choice. Now, it doesn't exist on the WRT54Gx router, and i've seen nothing on the web to solve this problem, is there a firmware or something else to help me ?

    Thanks a lot for peole ou will answer to this message, and thanks to fot people who will understang my poor english, in hoping that solutions are available for this trouble !

    C U Soon
  2. Jamjam

    Jamjam Network Guru Member

    Guillaume, I have the same problem. I search around and found the latest firmware 2.02.2 support Static DHCP (which can assign a fixed IP address to a client based on its mac address).

    But I have not download the firmware yet. So dont know whether it really works or not.

    Moreover from the spec, it seems the firmware support WRT54G v1.0-2.0 only.

  3. Guillaume-WRT54GX

    Guillaume-WRT54GX Network Guru Member

    I'm going to download this firmware update and install it on this router : Is the installation will be ok, or is the update won't freeze this routeur ?? :cry: I'll probably became furious if my router crash !
    Are there any solutions when the router crash after firmware installation ??

    Tks a lot
  4. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    Unfortunately none of the stock firmware from Linksys currently supports Static DHCP reservations for the WRT54GX. (Actually none of the WRT product line does as far as I know, I'm not sure what Jamjam is talking about...)

    Additionally there's not yet any custom firmware available for the WRT54GX either so I'm afraid you're stuck.
  5. Jamjam

    Jamjam Network Guru Member

  6. Guillaume-WRT54GX

    Guillaume-WRT54GX Network Guru Member

    Tanks a lot JamJam, that's really great !

    I'll try this hoping that will not freeze my router.

    Really greats tanks for answering me. :thumb:

    PS : I have read "read me" file and they says ; This firmware is for WRT54G V1.0, V1.1, V2.0, V2.2 and WRT54GS V1.0, V1.1 routers only. So WRT54GX is not supported ? Right ?
  7. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    Correct! I would NOT recommend trying to flash this firmware on your router! If the router accepts the firmware (which it shouldn't) then you run a very high risk of making your router unusable!!!

    As mentioned before I am not aware of any custom firmware for the WRT54GX, period.
  8. Guillaume-WRT54GX

    Guillaume-WRT54GX Network Guru Member

    To be clear, nobody has found a firmware for this router ... :sad:
    Is the reason that's the router is a recent product and nobody has time to devlopp a firmware for this device ?

    I'm very happy, because some persons reply to this post and try to help me and that's very very very cool ! :thumb:
  9. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member


    I'm glad you found the answer, sorry it wasn't the one you were looking for.

    Here's to hoping that we see some custom firmware for the WRT54GX in the near future!
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