WRT54GX Disappointing

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    After recently purchasing a WRT54GX (SRX) I have to say that configuring this unit is totally frustrating.

    The first thing I did was upgrade the firmware to 1.02.06

    Next, I changed the LAN IP and disabled DHCP. It wouldn't accept my LAN IP address because it conflicted with the DHCP pool, even though I disabled DHCP, and my LAN address was 192.168.50.x whilst the DHCP pool was still at it's default 192.168.1.x address space. What gives with that!!! In the end, it accepted an IP address of

    Next, I tried to change the current date/time......anyone know where in the configuration pages where this is done???? Dammed if I can find it.
    Hang on.....the date/time are now correct since I got it connected to the internet... Is this using NTP to get the date/time......I hate devices that do things without you knowing. I cannot find this little feature in the documentation.

    Next I changed the default admin password. I was presented with a series of dialog boxes which had to be OK'd before the page was accepted. It was almost as if someone had DEBUG mode turned on or something as one of the prompts displayed in plain text the password I had entered........

    I am unable to get port forwarding to work (UPnP). I think this is just broken as I cannot connect remotely to my redirected ports but hang on.....I'll just try to find a page that shows me all connections in/out of the router.......there is none!!

    Perhaps the log will tell me......enabled all of the options.....WAN->LAN traffic log is empty despite several attempts to connect remotely.

    I think I will be sending this one back ..... unless there is a firmware that fixes all these problems. Pity.....the wireless aspect is superb........
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    jonazen Network Guru Member

    I (and a few associates) went through something similar to this with the same version of the firmware, but it DOES get better.

    Oddly enough, we learned about this when trying out the new firmware loading it into a Belkin F5D8230-4 (Pre-N). Turns out that the WRT54GX and the F5D8230-4 share the same motherboard from Airgo, and modifying bytes 3 and 4 let you load the firmware into the other brand of router.

    Anyway - turns out the the firmware load with this version can, under some circumstances, leave you with a conflict between the router's IP and the dhcp pool that it defaults to, making it tough to get into the router to reconfigure properly.

    Just takes some patience, and being diligent about this. You might have to start to setting hard-coding your pc's IP info (instead of using dhcp) initially, since your router may be using the wrong dhcp pool.

    Your router MAY be using the same IP it had prior to the firmware load, or if you've done a factory reset, it may be using as its address now.

    Either way - make sure your pc is on the same subnet as the router, and set the default gateway to point to the actual address of the router.

    One person who had the kind of problems you're reporting wound up reflashing the router using the TFTP utility on this site, and everything seemed to work fine after that for him.

    It's a pain, but once you get the fw loaded, it does work rather well.
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