WRT54GX Slow Transfer Speeds.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by sammy2066, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. sammy2066

    sammy2066 Network Guru Member

    I recently purchased all-G WiFi Equipment which included the WRT54GX Router, WUSB54G WiFi Adapter and a D-Link DSM-320 Media Server. Now, the WiFi transfer speeds I get are unbelievably low. 54Mbps should give me a theoretical transfer speed of atleast 6.9MB/s, but I am get an extremely fluctuating transfer speed of 0KB/s - 1.3MB/s.

    The WUSB54G and WRT54GX are kept less than 100cm from each other and are using the latest firmware.

    Specific WRT54GX Settings:
    Burst ACK
    G-Only Mode
    Transmit Power 54Mbps
    CPS Protection is Disabled

    Specific WUSB54G Settings:
    Transmit Power is 100%
    TxBurst is Enabled

    The house is made of cement and concrete (does this affect signal quality??) and I have no 2.40Ghz phones or microwaves around. I am totally bummed at this dismal performance after spending what I did here in India .... :cry:

    What should I do to increase the transfer speeds?? Is my equipment faulty??

    The real average transfer speed I get is not even 500KB/s .... I used to get a better speed than this on my 802.11g D-Link equipment .... :(

    Also, because of this issue, I cannot stream DVDs through my DSM-320 ... which kinda sucks too ... they all play with breaks and stutters ....

    Please Assist ...

  2. sammy2066

    sammy2066 Network Guru Member

    bump .... c'mon guys ... i was expecting more than this ....
  3. Fishnet

    Fishnet Network Guru Member

    I would try experimenting with a different card. My GX won't upload or transfer files with the WPC54GX card... but does just fine with a built in MiniPCI and a WPC54Gs.

    A synopsis of my experiments.....

    Sager N4750 allergic to MIMO

    Last week I purchased a WRT54GX and the companion card a WPC54GX. I connected easily but it didn’t take long to discover I couldn’t upload or transfer files from one HD to the other via the router. I thought I narrowed it down to a bad WPC54GX and exchanged the card. Same result. I found I could upload and transfer files if I mixed and matched.. The WRT54GX worked fine with the onboard MiniPCI card. The WPC54GX worked fine with my WRT54GS. I exchanged the router. Same results. I couldn’t upload or transfer files with the WRT54GX and WPC54GX. In fact on file transfers, when it errored out, I usually had to do a hard reboot as the screen would freeze. If I connect directly to the WRT54GX through the Ethernet port, uploads and file transfers are normal. I installed the WPC54GX in my old laptop and it worked perfectly with the WRT54GX. To eliminate the possibility of any software or driver conflicts, I did a clean install of XP Pro SP2. Then I installed the driver for the WPC54GX only. Same result. Next I installed all my Sager drivers and all Windows updates. No joy! I re-imaged back to pre-WPC54GX, updated my PCMICA driver and chipset driver. No joy! My card slot is working great. I installed a WPC54GS card and it works normally with the WRT54GX. Next I picked up Belkin’s wireless G MIMO card because it’s based on the same Airgo chipset as the WRT54GX. It doesn’t work either.

    I can transfer 8GB files no problem. I just can't use MIMO. :(
  4. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Try using immediate acknowledgement instead of burst acknowledgement or no acknowledgement.
  5. alins

    alins Network Guru Member

    This may seem counter-intuitive, but have you tried moving the wireless USB adapter connected device farther away, say 10-20 meters away, and trying?
  6. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Concrete and cement do not antenuate signal strength as much as metal objects and water. I get 43Mbits/sec on 251 MB file transfers with my WRT54GX/WPC54GX measured by IPERF with a 64KB RWIN, with a transfer from wired PC to a wireless PC through two plaster lath walls from about ten meters. The WRT54GX was sitting next to an old HP Laser Jet Printer the was between the PC and part of the router. The WPC54GX has problems with some PCMICA bus controllers, especially the one that comes with the Dell D600. The laptop freezes on insertion of either one of my two WPC54GX card, which work now work well with another computer. The latest version of the driver from Linksys solved a lot problems. I am also using the latest firmware with the router. There were alot of problems with the driver for the WPC54GX for the first three versions of the drivers, but the last two worked rather well. Both the router and PCcard supports WPA2.
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